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Thine Inner Sanctum - Dark Sky Weeping - (Blackened Doom Metal)

Thine Inner Sanctum - "Dark Sky Weeping" (Blackened Doom Metal)

Released May 20, 2021

Open your ears to hear a voice thick with sorrow & open your eyes to only see the sin... Thine Inner Sanctum - A dark musical void of the psyche. What started out as a few demos soon bore some darkened fruit and Thine Inner Sanctum was born.

Thine Inner Sanctum is a blackened Doom project hailing from Glasgow, Scotland. Primarily a one man venture Thine Inner Sanctum started their musical journey in August 2019, by January 2020 a five track demo EP titled 'Entwined With a Dying Light' had surfaced and was then sent out to various independent labels on the simple basis of getting some outside feedback, at the time. Much to their surprise however it was very swiftly picked up by Edinburgh based extreme metal label Ancient Entity Records . Within a few months of release both Ancient Entity and TIS had sold out…This then begged the question when was its follow up coming out?

Fast forward to May 2021 and the sophomore effort ‘Dark Sky Weeping’ was released. This was again released through Ancient Entity Records but this time there was a bit of a buzz. Since release there has been very positive feedback. With DSW reaching close to a thousand streams via the Order ov the black arts YouTube channel, it appears that people are taking notice….

Sound wise TIS are not afraid to wear their influences on their sleeve for all to see. Taking a lot of inspiration from early 90's doom stalwarts, My Dying Bride and Paradise lost . However at its Death doom core there is a harsh underlying violence harkening back to Celtic Frost and the first wave of black metal influencing on early Emperor and Darkthrone . These influences shine through on tracks such as 'Dark Sky Weeping' , Three 'times denied' and 'Abyss of thine' a total nod to Celtic Frost's dreary yet epic 'Obscured' from their swansong release 'Monotheist'

Production is lofi, raw and visceral, Lyrical content is bleak and hopeless but in all the right places - Exactly what you want from an artist with the dangerous duality of old skool doom and black metal.

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