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Thunderpussy, Thelma and The Sleaze Take Columbus By Storm

Thunderpussy is a all-female rock group from Seattle, Washington.  The group consists of Molly Sides, Whitney Petty, Leah Julius, and Ruby Dumphy. 

 This powerhouse all-girl group has been taking the music scene by storm with their debut self-titled album.  They've been touring this year almost nonstop in promotion of the album. 

 This leg of the tour they've had another all-girl group Thelma, and The Sleaze based out of Nashville.   I never had heard of Thelma and The Sleaze until I saw their show.  They're a perfect blend of old-school punk and a self-aware "trashy" southern rock.  Lauren Gilbert who goes by LG gives me a Janis Joplin vibe, is she straight out of the 1960s?  Their show was a mix of 60s southern rock and a full-on girl power vibe.  I totally was infatuated with their set and suggest you check these lovely ladies out!

Thunderpussy graces the stage with perfection; I've seen these ladies once before, and they've always put on an amazing show. 

 Whitney shreds while jumping around, Molly dances around to each song while keeping her vocals perfection,  Leah and Ruby kept the bass and drums pounding at all times.


 Songs such as Fever, Speed Queen, Torpedeo Love, and Their self-titled song Thunderpussy had the crowd rocking!!  

This band has been one of my favorite new bands; these ladies are going places for sure!   Be sure to check out their self-titled album that's out now!

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