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Trapézia Releases Cover of Nightwish's "Ever Dream"

Brazilian project Trapézia released a cover of Nightwish's "Ever Dream" off the group's 2002 album of the same name.

“I really enjoy Nightwish's songs, without using lyrical singing as they normally do when interpreting songs in this style, I like the challenge of giving a new look to the music, always trying to leave my identity in the interpretation. I really like singing 'Ever Dream' and 'Nemo' for example, even though some Nightwish fans don't really like these songs because they don't classify them as complex songs to perform," singer Thaís Lyrica stated about the track.

She continued, “I was inspired by the way Floor Jansen sings 'Ever Dream', in the classic performance at Wacken 2013 and it's a great reference for which way I want to go, Floor Jansen herself says that 'Ever Dream' is a high performance song when I live because of this vocal difficulty. Tarja Turunen's interpretation follows the line of lyrical singing, which I love, but this time I set myself as a challenge to use everything I've learned about contemporary belting, I studied lyrical singing for a short period and, for me, it's the most easy and within my comfort zone to sing 'Ever Dream' or any other song that follows this line. I really like to overcome my own barriers.”

Trapézia's three-song EP is available to stream on all digital platforms. Watch the video for their "Ever Dream" cover below:

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