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Turning Up the South Florida Rock Comes Sons of a Tradesman with Their Single "The Bandit"

Sons of a Tradesman are South Florida's own sons who bring their raw gritty sound as they debut their first single "The Bandit" from their forthcoming EP ROAD TO NOWHERE due out in autumn of 2020. Sons of a Tradesman bring their skills as they create a true to the heart rock n roll imagery of whisky shots, bar soaked venues, and wide open festivals all set to their own level that welcomes you in. Some of today's greatest pure rockers are gaining momentum out of the heat of Florida's own hot, sweaty, and grinding music scene. And Sons of a Tradesman are at the forefront of the pack.

Released under The Label Group and distributed via INgrooves.

Listen to "The Bandit" on Spotify.

"We have been to hell and back, more than once, and all we can say is this: stay hungry, stay humble, stay focused, and never stop making music. Thank you to every single person - good, bad, or indifferent - that has helped get us to this point. We could not have done it without you. Cheers to endless years of rock n roll." - Andrew Alonso Sons of a Tradesman

Recorded at Hell & Hollar Studio, Produced by Blake Burns and Rocky Rucker, Mixed and Mastered by Ian Pattison.

Like plenty of good things, the construction of this band has taken place over a number of years. The original lead guitarist and bassist (Philip and Nick) met around 2010, who then met the lead singer/rhythm guitarist Andrew in 2013. After searching for quite a while, Sons of a Tradesman finally found a consistent drummer (Chris) in 2017, who is both a great friend and great musician. The band prides themselves on being great friends on and off the stage - and you can see that chemistry at the shows and hear it in the music. Around two years ago, the group decided to start trying to get into the music scene in West Palm Beach, Florida. They’ve been putting in a large effort to be a badass rock n roll band that will either bring back memories of rock n roll, or create new ones using that same formula. Downtown West Palm Beach has been especially good to Sons of a Tradesman, and the environment is really conducive to their goal of bringing back what the name suggests: true nitty-gritty rock n roll.

After Philip’s departure from the band in mid 2019, Mike Guido (formerly of Raggy Monster) joined The Sons as the new lead guitarist. He quickly grew to become another brother to the others all quickly. Following the unfortunate passing of bassist Nick, the group had been searching for that next brother, that next perfect fit. Sons of a Tradesman are happy to announce that South Florida's own Rocky Rucker is their newest Son and they look forward to many years of rock n roll. Cheers to "The Union" faithful of S.O.A.T.

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