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Unbowed Unleash New Single "Fire Of Wode"

"[Unbowed's] music throttles the listener with its churning riffs and insistent percussion while hinting at something distant and enormous via its massive vocals and synth accents. It’s cool to hear a band be this entertaining while still embracing challenging ideas." -

Canadian extreme metal band UNBOWED has revealed another crushing new song today, "Fire of Wode," from the band's forthcoming, 3rd full-length album, "Colour The Soul," that's coming May 20th. Debuted at, the new track melds dark soaring synths, crushing blackened, death riffs and diabolical vocals for beastly yet accessible sound. "‘Epic’ and ‘enjoyable’ are often put at opposite poles of the spectrum, but on this track, they meet perfectly" ( Commenting on the new single, UNBOWED states: “From Old English wōd (“mad, raging, enraged, insane, senseless, blasphemous”), from Proto-Germanic *wōdaz. ‘Wode’ can be understood as an uncontrollable inspiration; a burning passion. This is also a hint as to the meaning of the name ‘Odin’ or ‘Wodin/Wodanaz’, god of death, war, art, and eldritch wisdom. Essentially this root of his name is placing him as an infallible force upon the natural order of the world. It creates a rather formless, yet artistically manifested rationalization for a god's potential existence within any age of man. It goes beyond the idea of a bearded man in the sky, in other words. Humanity might mimic the gods in this way, or simply become them. When possessed by this overwhelming force we might call inspiration that grows bigger and bigger through its connection to the breath of life or ‘athem’. The fire of wode is furious in its expanse and unstoppable given the proper breath of life.”

STREAM "FIRE OF WODE": Apple Music - Spotify - Youtube - PRE-ORDER "COLOUR THE SOUL":

Watch the video for the band's previous single "Hero Lux":

"Colour The Soul" Tracklisting:

1. Hero Lux

2. Eigi Einhamr

3. Fire of Wode

4. Stream of Life Flow of Death

5. The Holy Momentum (Ft. Frederik Jensen)

6. As I Step Mountains Sway (Ft. Joel Violette)

7. Home

8. The Athem of I

9. Umbra Cruciata (Ft. Mathias "Vreth" Lillmåns)

10. The Mourning Shade

UNBOWED is a melodic death/black metal band formed in Guelph, ON, Canada in 2011 and consists of Ioan Tetlow (Vocals), Steven Rowlands (Guitars), Aiden Watkinson (Bass), Alex Snape (Guitars) and Cory Hofing (Drums). The band has to date released two full-length albums, two EPs, and two singles and is now gearing up to release their third full-length album and strongest effort to date, the 10 song LP “Colour the Soul. "Colour the Soul" features artwork by illustrator Marta Sokołowska, who is also created the art for their debut self-titled EP released in 2013. The album was written and recorded by UNBOWED at Nomadic Arts Studios in Guelph, ON, Canada, mixed and mastered by Alex Snape and features guest appearances from Joel Violette (Thrawsunblat, Woods of Ypres), Mathias "Vreth" Lillmåns (Finntroll, And Oceans, Dispyt) and Frederik Jensen (Mother Of All, Plained). Follow UNBOWED:


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