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UNLEASH THE ARCHERS Release New Lyric Video for “Heartless World” TODAY!

UNLEASH THE ARCHERS strikes a chord with emotional power ballad “Heartless World”.

In “Heartless World”, UNLEASH THE ARCHERS show the world what they are made of. The band manages to give the original glam metal track by Teaze an unexpected, modern power metal twist. Combining that with an astonishingly wide range of vocal melodies, UNLEASH THE ARCHERS surprise and bewitch the listener yet again. A clean guitar intro makes you feel almost melancholic, but when the second chorus hits, at the very least, you’ll be tapping your foot. “Heartless World” describes how everything can become too much from time to time, and that sometimes all you need is to unplug and recharge your energy. Watch the lyric video accompanying the single below and lose yourself in an FM headphone high!

UNLEASH THE ARCHERS on “Heartless World”, fresh off the new EP Explorers: “The second single is a cover of a song by a Canadian hair metal band from the 80's called Teaze. They are not super well known, but that's why we gravitated towards them. The song “Heartless World” has a really interesting arrangement and can't seem to decide if it's a ballad or a rock opera. Unlike “Northwest Passage”, where we played around with it quite a bit, we left “Heartless World” almost completely as is, and only changed a few small things like solos and vocal melodies.  We thought it would be a great companion piece to “Northwest Passage” and really round out the moody Explorers vibe.”

UNLEASH THE ARCHERS are: Andrew Kingsley – guitar, unclean vocals Grant Truesdell – guitar, unclean vocals Scott Buchanan – drums Brittney Slayes – clean vocals

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