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Until The Sky Dies - Forgotten Pact - (Death Doom Metal)

Until The Sky Dies - "Forgotten Pact" (Post Doom Avant Death Metal)

Crushing Post Doom Meets Avant Death Metal from this Adventurous Duo. Until The Sky Dies loves to add odd synths and electronics through out as well as Post Hardcore movements. The Year Zero Blueprint (2017) on Cimmerian Shade Records, PR was done by Earsplit.

Clint Listing- Vocals , Guitar, Bass Ryan Michalski- Lead Guitar, Synth, Drums

Out November 13th 2020

Track List:

1.Chose to Die

2.Destructive Voice

3. Hope, Sorrow, Release

4. Never Wanting, Never Lost

5. I the Victor

6.Dear Mother , Not Forgotten

7. Zeppelins are not made for Flying

8. Experimental Vision

49 Mins 55 Seconds

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