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Ice Nine Kills and From Ashes to New rocks the Rex!

From Ashes To New and Ice Nine Kills have been on a Co-Headling tour "March Into Madness". Let me tell you this tour has such a stacked card! I was so happy I got to attend their stop in Pittsburgh, PA at the Rex Theater.

The show opened with HAWK, an alternative rock band from Lancaster, PA that got the crowd fired up!

Next up was Afterlife, going into this show I had never heard of them but let me tell you Tyler Levenson's vocals BLEW ME AWAY. "Throat" was a track that really stuck out to me, they gave me vibes of KoRn and Linkin Park. If you haven't heard of Afterlife I highly suggest you check them out! Their show was filled with energy and mosh pits.

Palisades was the last before the two headliners, I have seen this band many times and they get better with time. The post-hardcore band from New Jersey never fail to bring an entertaining and personal show. Their songs "Erase The Pain" and "Fall" had the crowd singing along. Be sure to check out these Jersey boys.

Ice Nine Kills was the first up of the two co-headliners, Fans in the crowd were sporting face paint, fake blood and some were dressed up in costume. Ice Nine Kills is a must see if you're a horror fan. Chainsaws, knives, fake blood, and butchered flesh were all seen through their set. Horror scores playing in between songs, I was highly impressed with the stage presence this band has, and how they totally captivated the crowd.

Last but certainly not least, From Ashes To New. Another band from Lancaster, PA, this rap rock band knows how to get a crowd jumping. This band has been through some lineup changes but they hasn't stopped them from releasing some bangin' hits. The crowd was electric, the band has a way of connecting to the audience that I have only seen a few bands be able to do. Their interaction with the crowd was so much fun and seeing the band smile back while everyone sang along to songs such as "Crazy" and "Breaking Now". I can't wait til i can see these dudes again, What a fantastic set. This show had so much variety,a stacked card and the sold out crowd at the Rex knew how to rock out at a metal show.

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