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VERY ALORA RETURNS WITH MICHAEL WAGENER-PRODUCED SINGLE, “ELEVATED” Texas rockers Very Alora have issued a brand new single, “Elevated,” which serves as the follow-up to the earlier successful single, “Don’t Make Me” – both of which were produced by legendary producer Michael Wagener (who has previously worked with the likes of Metallica, Motley Crue, and Queen, among many others). To stream and/or purchase “Elevated,” visit this link: “Alora really hit it out of the park on ‘Elevated’,” says Wagener. “We had a great time recording this one.” Concerning the story behind the song, singer Alora recalls, “I wrote this song back when I was 16. My first relationship had come to an end and I was just a little salty about it, but that wasn't the topic of my song. There was this boy, I remember it like it was yesterday, he was in my science class. He had been flirting with me for over a month, which was a long time for 16 year old me. I thought he was pretty at the time. I got the courage and asked him out, to my surprise he said yes. The day we were supposed to go out on a date, I was told by his friend he and his ex had gotten back together, and he still went out with me. So I wrote a song about him.”  And concerning working with a producer of Wagener’s stature, Alora explains, “I've said it before and I'll say it again, working with Michael Wagener was a dream come true. I didn't know what to expect him to be like when I first stepped into the studio, which actually happened 2 years before I recorded with him. He had produced or mastered so many albums I idolized. He was the most delightful person to work with. His studio was breathtaking as well, guitars and basses covered one wall, every time I walked through the studio it felt like a scene from a movie, moving in slow motion. Working with him was amazing, everything felt seamless, it was my first time recording an album, I was scared it would be chaotic or hectic, but everything flowed smoothly working with him. It was honestly an honor to work with him.”  Hailing from Poetry, Texas (a small ranching community southeast of Dallas), Very Alora describes her sound as “Classic rock with a modern/punkish/alt twist. I think it’s a little out there, a bit unique if you compare it to the pop sound. But as far as rock n’ roll - I think it fits right in that alt/indie rock pocket.” Listing such classic rockers as Styx and Heart as influences, as well as such modern day bands as Flyleaf and Paramore, Very Alora featured the following contributors in the studio - guitarist Arielle, bassist Brandon Roberts, drummer Jamo Van De Bogert, backing vocals provided by Taco Mouth, and of course, lead vocals provided by Alora. Additionally, the band has recently completed tours with Texas Hippie Coalition, Smile Empty Soul and Tantric. Very Alora has a knack for penning instantly catchy melodic rock – proven once again by the irresistible “Elevated.”  FOR MORE INFORMATION, VISIT:

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