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VAN CANTO Drops New Official Video for “Turn Back Time”, Cut from 2021 Studio Album

VAN CANTO Drops New Official Video for “Turn Back Time” | Watch HERE!

Get Your Copy of the Latest Record, To The Power Of Eight, NOW!

New Live Dates for 2022 Announced!

[photo credit: Tim Tronckoe]

This past summer, Germany's most thundering voices VAN CANTO set free their eighth studio album, To The Power Of Eight, to spread their unique soundscapes as the world's most exciting acapella metal masters. Now, the energizing powerhouse is ready to impact the new year with their unique Rakataka-style by unveiling a brand new atmospheric music video for “Turn Back Time”, cut from their latest full-length. The harmonizing song appeals to the calmer side of the multifaceted outfit and showcases the wide range of creativity that VAN CANTO stands for since releasing their first record, A Storm To Come, in 2006.

VAN CANTO on “Turn Back Time”:

“'Turn back Time' is a ballad that has quite a history behind it. I wrote it together with Bastian back in 1999 for our former band Jester's Funeral. At that time, the instrumentation was more like 'Bard's Song', with acoustic guitars and a lead singer. We never finished the songwriting on this one, and over 20 years later we came across it again while listening through old demos.

Since the lyrics are about what would happen if you could turn back time (but maybe you don't even want to), we thought it would fit quite well that a composition from our teenage years would finally see the light of day on the eighth album of a seasoned band. Listening to the song now, you'd think it had always been written for VAN CANTO and with eight singers in mind.”

Watch the official video for “Turn Back Time” HERE:

Get your copy of the latest record, To The Power Of Eight, NOW!

German acapella metal at its best!

To The Power Of Eight marks another milestone in the band's impressive career and presents VAN CANTO as a coherent entity stronger than ever! Starting out with their first full-length in 2006, the unstoppable force set the stage for their very own genre and never failed in surprising their fans and beyond throughout time, while showcasing that metal can be heavy as hell without any riffage. With their previous full length, Trust in Rust (2018), the German rarity reworked its lineup, consisting of seven members since then. For To The Power Of Eight, the unit once again joined forces with Philip Dennis “Sly” Schunke, who had been the lead singer on their first six studio records. Sly joins lead vocalists Inga Scharf and Hagen Hirschmann on all twelve flawless tracks as third vocalist and special guest. It’s clear that this peerless piece of music was written with three voices in mind: To The Power Of Eight embodies a special sense of common bond and presents VAN CANTO in undeniable peak form!

From their own original speed driven tracks, like flaring “Faith Focus Finish”, raise-your-fist animated “Heads Up High” or mid-tempo, heart-warming “Turn Back Time”, to anthemic heavy metal covers such as Amon Amarth’s “Raise Your Horns”, Iron Maiden’s “Run To The Hills” or AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck”, VAN CANTO always manages to easily serve their own unique take with every output. On the one hand, To The Power Of Eight reflects a well experienced collective that has gathered several top 50 entries on the German album charts and played numerous shows around the globe and festivals like 70k Tons Of Metal, Wacken and Masters of Rock. But at the same time, it presents these energetic visionaries of acapella metal, who are far from resting on what they’ve achieved so far.

To The Power Of Eight tracklisting:

1. To the Power of Eight

2. Dead by the Night

3. Faith Focus Finish

4. Falling Down

5. Heads Up High

6. Raise Your Horns

7. Turn Back Time

8. Run to the Hills

9. Hardrock Padlock

10. Thunderstruck

11. From the End

12. I Want It All


Don't miss the chance to see VAN CANTO live in 2022 at one of those shows:

05.06.22 CZ – Spálené Poříčí / Basinfirefest

05.08.22 SE – Falun / Sabaton Open Air

03.09.22 DE – Gelsenkirchen / Nine Lives Open Air (with HAMMERFALL, Avantasia, Stratovarius, Metalite)


Hagen Hirschmann - Lead Vocals

Inga Scharf - Lead Vocals

Ross Thompson - Higher Rakkatakka Vocals

Stefan Schmidt - Lower Rakkatakka Vocals

Jan Moritz - Pad and Backing Vocals

Ingo Sterzinger - Bass and Backing Vocals

Bastian Emig - Drums and Backing Vocals

Connect with VAN CANTO online:

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