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Vancouver Rock n' Roll REBEL PRIEST New Music Video 'Sleeping Like A Hangman' + New Album Out!

Vancouver Rock n' Roll REBEL PRIEST New Music Video 'Sleeping Like A Hangman' New Album “R’lyeh Heavy” Out Now via Scrape Records

L-R - Nate Pole - Drums - Vocals,  Jayme Black - Bass - Vocals,  Benny Kemp - Guitar - Vocals

Vancouver rock n’ roll tribe Rebel Priest has a new music video out for their hit “Sleeping Like A Hangman”.

According to the band, the song is about “addiction to the thing that can’t be controlled, relinquishing that control and understanding that we are in the noose” set with powerful guitar riffs and smooth bass lines making a heavy and raw tune that will get fists raised in the air.

“Sleeping Like A Hangman” comes from the November 2019 album “R’lyeh Heavy” released on Scrape Records that can best be described as “a visceral vision of a call to a past secular-religious god with many different facets of an ancient pantheon”. With utmost confidence, Rebel Priest quotes about the album: 

“We’re excited about this one; it's a culmination of what we’ve been doing since the beginning. Doing our sound, our way; it was quite an in-depth recording process for us this time ‘round and we think the fans will take notice! This is a step above the rest!!”

All killer and no filler is the name of the game for the trio, each song on the album was worked on intensely and blends elements of everything in the rock realm into a concise, banging package.

Rebel Priest is a no-nonsense, real-deal rock n’ roll band composed of three seasoned musicians who have been making their way through the Western Canadian rock n roll scene for years. Vocalist/bassist Jayme Black (Lust Boys, The Toxiks); guitarist/vocalist Benny Kemp (Lust Boys, Road Rash); and drummer/vocalist Nate Pole (Kill Matilda, The Toxiks) bring nothing but unadulterated, high energy rock n’ roll. 

Recommended for fans of Guns n’ Roses, AC/DC and Motley Crue, “Sleeping Like A Hangman” is available on YouTube HERE. The band's album “R’lyeh Heavy” and previous releases are available on Bandcamp, SpotifyiTunes, and

Track Listing: 1. The Summoning (2:50) 2. Electric Lady (3:49) 3. Sleeping Like A Hangman (4:22) 4. Elm St. (3:40) 5. Snake Eyes (3:35) 6. Emperor (4:47) 7. Lighten The Load (3:57) 8. Dead End World (4:19) Album Length: 31:18

For more info:

EPK About:

REBEL PRIEST has been a driving force on Canada’s West Coast rock/metal scene since forming in 2015, winning BEST ROCK BAND in 2017 and 2018 at The Whammys – an independent awards ceremony held in Vancouver, BC.

REBEL PRIEST has stormed the coastal concert stages, headlining their own shows and supporting international acts Udo Dirkschneider (ACCEPT), LORDI, DIAMOND HEAD, Hank Von Hell, FLOTSAM AND JETSAM and THE LAZYS. They have become a regular fixture at Vancouver’s annual Bowie Ball, performing David Bowie covers for the benefit of The Canadian Cancer Society.

Combining NWOBHM with elements of Sleaze and Thrash, the REBEL PRIEST sound has been often described as Thrash n’ Roll. Frontman Jayme Black comments: “We’ve been called Trash n Roll, or Thrash Rock, but we just call ourselves Rock n Roll. A hideously deformed creature of superhuman Rock n Roll."

"Reminded me of the early Iron Maiden Days" - Metal-Temple

"This record is full of gritty, down 'n' dirty fun with a spiked metal grip" - Bravewords

"Great stuff for cracking open a cold one and blasting down the highway at an illegal rate of speed" - Rebelx

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