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Ventruss Releases Their Latest "SERPENT"


Artwork - Tony OG Trip and Joshua Dartez aka Chatterskull

Ventruss releases their metal single/video "Serpent" (10/29) with MVK Music Group. A hefty helping of sharp-cutting guitar work slithers its melodic waves and tells a story. With the engagement of video work, lyrical content, and incredible instrumental positioning, every part of "Serpent" begs to confirm - Ventruss is a modern metal rock band to follow. "Serpent" builds and delivers a complete statement.

Previously released songs from their up-and-coming album in 2022, "Sentiment", and "Talledega", have been well received in the metal/hard rock world. With their final single/video release "Serpent" from their upcoming EP titled 'Serpent' their listeners are having their metal needs well taken care of. Be sure to watch for Ventruss's new EP in 2022!

"Every story has a villain. And unfortunately, the way they become the villain is by gaining power. The title "Serpent" refers to a snake slithering in the grass searching for prey and once you're bitten, the wound is hard to heal. They put on an act to disguise their true intentions. And worst of all, they love to watch you suffer. But don't worry, the quicker they rise, the faster they fall." - VENTRUSS

Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Eric Woolard of Warlord Studios in Jackson, Mississippi

Directed and Edited by Khader Alherimi of Dreamseeker Productions out of Mandeville, Louisiana


5 Piece Baton Rouge, Louisiana Metalcore outfit Ventruss have managed to stay on top of their game with almost 9 years under their belt. Originally formed in 2012, the band has seen great progress in recent years and have found themselves sharing the stage with high-end talents such as All That Remains, Cannibal Corpse, Superjoint, Hellyeah, and many more. With two independent EP's under their belt, the band signed with Orlando, Florida-based management MVK Music Group and have since found themselves approaching new territory such as being invited to perform at Danny Wimmer's "Welcome To Rockville" in Daytona Beach, Florida. While 2020 wasn't the year the music industry was expecting, the band began writing their most concentrated and mature content to date. And with their first two singles "Talladega" and "Sentiment" racking up several thousands of streams on several platforms, the future releases appear to be nothing short of successful. The line-up consists of Ben Jewell on Vocals, Shawn Saizan and Jesse Newman on Guitar, Jake "Big Chug" Chenevert on Bass, and BJ Davidson on Drums. The band has combined their love for both melody and heavy put them together and have established their sound along with creating a cult following. Ventruss has become a powerhouse in the Southern United States and continues to expand its reach as shows are returning bringing the band into new territory. The band shows no signs of slowing down. And with its upcoming release expected in late 2021/early 2022, their horizons are only growing larger.



Oct 30 Jackson, MS at Hal and Mal’s

Nov 5 Baton Rouge, LA at Mid City Ballroom

Nov 11-14 Daytona Beach, FL at Welcome to Rockville

Dec 11 Gulfport, MS at Hot Spot

Mar 29 Baton Rouge, LA at The Basin Music Hall with Buckcherry


Purchase "Serpent" -

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