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VESSEL OF LIGHT Unveils Sinister Second Single, “There’s No Escape,” from Upcoming "Last Ride" Album

VESSEL OF LIGHT Unveils Sinister Second Single, “There’s No Escape,” from Upcoming Last Ride Album

Last Ride Available October 23 via Nomad Eel Records

Pre-Orders Available Now

VESSEL OF LIGHT has revealed the second single, “There’s No Escape,” from their upcoming doom-rock masterpiece, Last Ride, due out on October 23 via Nomad Eel Records.

“‘There's No Escape’ has everything I enjoy in a doom song,” says vocalist Nathan Opposition. “Creativity, great riffs, solid playing, catchy harmonies - it's one of my favorites off of 'Last Ride.'”

The most refined of VESSEL OF LIGHT’s releases, Last Ride is rife with depth, harmonies, the trademark riffs and guitar sound of guitarist Dan Lorenzo and creativity while also maintaining a familiar feel. Like the first the haunting first single and title track from Last Ride, “There’s No Escape” has a sinister lyrical theme, keeping in line with the darker subjects that permeate the record.

“I'm a big fan of Vincent Price and horror movies in general,” Opposition explains. “When I was writing the lyrics, I was watching movies like ‘The Oblong Box,’ ‘The Mask of the Red Death’ and ‘Fall of the House of Usher.’ After I recorded vocals for 'There's No Escape' I re-watched ‘Diary of a Madman’ and Vincent Price's character, as an ongoing theme, is obsessed with studying the criminal mind, which really ties into the lyrics and theme of the song as well. I guess I inadvertently did that. Why are we fascinated crime, serial killers, war, death, these horrible things, yet disgusted and horrified of them at the same time? Just an interesting thought.”

The musical base for the track dates back to Lorenzo’s 2007 project with Overkill vocalist Bobby Blitz, The Cursed. During the COVID shutdown I was in my attic and came across a rehearsal recording from that time,” Lorenzo says. The Cursed had a song called ‘Lucifiction,’ and at one point it had a different arrangement than what we put on the demo. I hadn't ever used one of the riffs, which is now the verse riff for ‘There's No Escape.’ I was not a huge fan of The Cars, but I really loved their first album and I think the solo in ‘There's No Escape’ is inspired by Elliot Easton."

“There’s No Escape” is available today at Also be sure to check out the video for “Last Ride” at

Founded in 2017 by Lorenzo, best known for his work with seminal New Jersey bands Hades and Non-Fiction, and Cleveland based Opposition, the duo released two albums, Vessel of Light and Woodshed, with Italian label Argonauta Records before introducing former Overkill drummer Ron Lipnicki and former Hades bassist Jimmy Schulman into the fold for the recording of a third album, Thy Serpent Rise. It wasn’t until VESSEL OF LIGHT’s first live show before a sold-out crowd at New York City’s Bowery Ballroom with Life of Agony that vocalist and the band’s new drummer and bassist finally met, merely hours before the quartet hit the stage.

Pre-orders for Last Ride are available at


Nathan Opposition - vocals

Dan Lorenzo - guitar

Jimmy Schulman - bass

Ron Lipnicki - drums


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