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Videoclip from the song "Spiral Of Sound" from Belgian poprock band No Pan Kissa is available.....!!

On September 3rd 2021, the Belgian pop-rock band No Pan Kissa released a new single called “Spiral of sound”. A video clip of this song has been available on their official YouTube channel since September 8th 2021.

The song “Spiral of Sound” is a song about the strength of sounds. Whether they are sounds coming from music, nature, the street, cities, people…. They can sometimes amaze us, make us happy, drive us crazy, obsess us and give us many other sensations.

This single was recorded in February 2020 in the studios “Le Delta” by Nicola Lomartire (Sound engineer).

The music video was produced in September 2020 under the direction of Nicolas Scamardi with the participation of Ludwig Pinchart and Gwen Breuls in the image, lights and editing. The desire was to make a clip in the form of an unusual short film by putting music at the service of the image and of a story.

NPK’s musical style can be described as alternative pop, progressive pop, with a touch of grunge. Compared with the other grunge bands of the early 1990s, No Pan Kissa's style is noticeably less heavy and harkens back to the classic rock music of the 1980’s. Among NPK’s earliest influences were Queen, Pink Floyd, Muse, Pearl Jam, R.E.M. The Band search for the riff-heavy satured guitar of the nineties with analog sonority of eighties. The musicians try to bring the listener a “feel-oriented” songs.

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