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"Violent Things" by The Brobecks

"Violent Things" is the 2009 release by alternative band The Brobecks. This band is best known as being former Panic! At the Disco bassist, Dallon Weekes', old band. Weekes' current band mate, Ryan Seaman, was also a member. Just like most albums covered on Throwback Thursdays, this album is very nostalgic to me. While I didn't start listening to The Brobecks until 2015, this record still reminds me of my early college days. Things were so much simpler back then. "Violent Things" is full of emotional yet dance-able songs. I easily find myself not skipping a single song. While every song is amazing it's own way, I do still have some favorites. The first being "Small Cuts", a song that really showcases Weekes' vocal abilities. This is especially true for the chorus. "Goodnight, sleep tight, don't let anyone bite" is one of my favorite lyrics from this track. It's just so catchy and fun to scream along to. Another highlight from this album is "Visitation of the Ghost". This track brings back memories from when I saw Weekes and Seaman live as I Don't Know How But They Found Me. They played it live at the show I attended, and I never thought in a million years that I'd be hearing a song by The Brobecks live. It was such an amazing experience. Other than that, "Visitation of the Ghost" is an amazing song. It starts off really slow, but as it progresses, it picks up speed. If you listen to any of the tracks on this album, I highly suggest that you pick this one. The last track that stands out as a favorite is the closing song, "Boring". Just like "Visitation of the Ghost", this was a song that Weekes and Seaman played on their last IDKHOW tour. When I think of The Brobecks, this is one of the first tracks I think of. It's such a memorable one, and it's definitely a fan favorite. This one also starts off slow, and Weekes' vocals are a bit isolated. It sounds almost as if it's going to be a ballad, however, it picks up as it goes on. This is such a beautiful track, and I see myself coming back to it years later. There isn't a single bad song on "Violent Things". Some are better than others, however, they are all really enjoyable. It's very rare that I can listen to an album all the way through without getting bored or disliking a song, but that is definitely the case here. From the sweet love song "Love at First Sight" to the chilling "Goodnight Socialite", there is a track for everyone on here. If you haven't listened to this record yet, I highly recommend you do so. Out of five stars, "Violent Things" is getting a very easy five stars. This is one of the best albums from the early 2000's in my opinion, and it definitely deserves more love.

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