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Virginia Groove Rockers ARTUSHA Return with Video Premiere on Metal Insider Today

Virginia Groove Rockers ARTUSHA Return with Video Premiere on Metal Insider Today

Watch “Death To Life” Video HERE

ARTUSHA is a finely tuned Groove Metal quartet that doesn't strictly adhere to the boundaries of genre. Creatively, it's as if they have combined raw power and the weight of meaning with a genuinely curious heart which makes something beautiful and filled with purpose. It's not just a band, it's a way of life.

ARTUSHA returns with a new official video for "Death to Life" directed by the band's newest addition, drummer Cody Mausolf of TLP Films. "Death to Life" premieres today on Metal Insider, watch here:

Cody Mausolf sums up the band's video experience with "It all feels like a perfectly timed whirlwind of fun. Transitioning from just shooting the video to also performing provided a new challenge, but it all came together in a crazy day of filming! Excited for the future in the world of Artusha!"

"'Death to Life' for me is about the struggles we all face concerning morality, " says vocalist Kent Stewart. "The trials we must face to prove who we are inside and out. We all have a choice to make. What do you stand for?" Brian Hase, bass player, adds “For me, 'Death to Life', musically, is a milestone of growth for our band. We still groove and thrash where it makes sense, but this song was an obvious sign of musical maturity and an expansion of our sonic range.” While guitarist David Landers sums it all up with "We all live and we all die. 'Death to Life' represents the struggles we face and the choice we have to fight against the darkest days and moments of life. Mentally, physically, or spiritually, you have a voice and a choice. Choose life over death and turn the soundtrack up. GET SOME!"

Artusha is an independent band that does just about everything in house. All music is recorded, mixed and mastered in guitarist David Lander's studio Zero Label Studio.

When you buy a ticket to see ARTUSHA or turn up their latest single, you will experience something bold and uncompromising. True to themselves, they write, produce and perform above all for the passion and love of music and soul. Bonded by a long standing history together and native to Richmond, Virginia. ARTUSHA is Kent Stewart (Vocals), David Landers (Guitar), Brian Hase (Bass) and Cody Mausolf (Drums).

Fresh off a great year in 2021 playing at Blue Ridge Rock Fest alongside Megadeth, Lamb of God, Five Finger Death Punch, Seether, Trivium and many more. Artusha will be hitting the road in January for a handful of dates before they take some time off the road to work in the studio.

New singles to be released this summer along with more tour dates!

Upcoming Show Dates

1/29/22 - Rack Em’s - Verona, VA

ARTUSHA online:

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