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VYB Releases New Single And Music Video "Deja Vu"

VYB Releases New Single And Music Video "Deja Vu"

Photo: Em Pearson

Pop rock band VYB (pronounced vibe) have released their new single and music video "Deja Vu," available on all digital platforms now. A personal track to lead vocalist Tom, "Deja Vu" is a track about finding yourself in a familiar, yet uncomfortable, romantic encounter. Rooted in sleek pop, alternative, and punk influences, the independent band VYB blends electronic dance elements into their sound, the trio "feel we’ve entered our sonic stride with our next collection of music". About "Deja Vu," the band states: 

"Deja Vu" means a lot to us as a band. We feel that the sound of this song was something we’ve been working towards since we formed the band. Not only does "Deja Vu" mark a new era of our music, but we really feel it’s a representation of how far our music has come. 

Hailing from Atlanta, VYB (pronounced vibe) plays a blend of uplifting pop rock and electronic dance music to create a truly unique sonic chemistry. The trio have been captivating Atlanta crowds since their formation at the top of 2019, quickly reaching local success with their early singles “Ocean Breeze” and “Think Of You”. Initially lead vocalist Tom Belau’s solo project, VYB evolved into a full-fledged project while Belau was assembling a live band to create his first EP. The trio’s undeniable chemistry led to the decision to scrap Tom’s solo work and move forward as an entirely new entity, now known as VYB. 

Their debut album “Mood Swings,” released in early 2020, dipped heavily into the usage of color to set the album’s animated tone. VYB continued to spread their aesthetic through headlining local Atlanta venues, including Smith's Olde Bar and The Drunken Unicorn, bringing their choreographed light show to their live set. Their upcoming single “Deja Vu” (out Nov 6th) expands on their utilization of color and light to set a more mature, moodier tone - something they aim to continue doing on their next album. The multitude of new elements in their new music are all distinguishable - alternative, EDM, and touches of punk - yet still compatible and well coordinated. VYB is your new aesthetic.


VYB: "Deja Vu" music video 


Twitter: @vybband

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