Wartooth: Brisbane's Thrash Metal Brothers Release Vinyl Programmed Dichotomy on April 9th

Wartooth: Brisbane's Thrash Metal Brothers Release Vinyl Programmed Dichotomy on April 9th

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Brisbane based Thrash Metal brothers, Wartooth, will release their latest single Sabotage on Friday April 9th. The single is currently available on all major digital platforms such as Spotify and iTunes. The music video will be premiered on the band’s YouTube channel.

Wartooth are a high-energy Aussie Thrash Attack with a message! Two brothers of metal headbanging through Mental Health and thrashing the Warpath of life. Their debut album, ProgrammedDichotomy, was released in April 2020 and received airplay both nationally and abroad. Wartooth have released several singles from this album with accompanying music videos, including most recently Wired to Die featuring the Wartooth fans (aka Warheads) on the instruments to show a sense of community and solidarity during COVID-19’s social isolation!

Sabotage is the latest single from Programmed Dichotomy, the debut album that has been widely regarded as 2020’s thrash metal masterpiece! Now, for the first time, the album is set to be released on vinyl on April 9th! To celebrate, Wartooth will be releasing a music video which captures the energy and concept of the politically and psychologically charged track.


Andy Knappstein - Guitars & Vocals

Wally Knappstein - Drums & Backing Vocals

Since the beginning, the Knappstein Brothers that are Wartooth have been ferociously crafting a unique melodic, yet fierce style of thrash metal. Taking influences from old school bands such as the Big 4, Overkill, Testament and Exodus, and combining this with contemporary socially conscious lyrics and a passion for improving fellow metalheads’ mental health, Wartooth are a perfect blend of intense moshpits, melting faces and a purposeful mission!

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Wartooth - Sabotage Teaser


Side A: 1. Wired to Die 2. Scourge 3. Kingdom of Fear 4. Predator Side B: 5. Benevolent Destroyer 6. Sabotage 7. Venomhead 8. As Darkness Comes Pre-Order the Vinyl here: https://shop.wartoothmetal.com/vinyl

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