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White Crone - Stargazer (Rainbow Cover Featuring Vinny Appice) - Heavy Metal

White Crone - Stargazer (Rainbow Cover Featuring Vinny Appice) (Heavy Metal)

Released July 9, 2021

Traditional metal recording artist White Crone recorded Rainbow ’s beloved “ Stargazer ” in honor of the memory of Ronnie James Dio and bassist Jimmy Bain . White Crone 's " Stargazer " features Dio drummer Vinny Appice , Blues Rock guitarist Alastair Greene , keyboardist Eric Lawrence , and Lisa Mann (aka White Crone ) on bass & vocals. The single was released on July 9, 2021, a day before Dio’s birthday, and is only available in digital format at or on your favorite streaming platform.

Award-winning blues artist Lisa Mann shocked her fans when she released a full length traditional metal album in 2020, The Poisoner. The album received much critical acclaim from underground metal outlets worldwide, with many comparing her voice to that of Ann Wilson and Ronnie James Dio. In 2021, Lisa began cooking up a plan to record a cover of Rainbow's epic Dio-fronted song, "Stargazer." Fellow blues artist Alastair Greene shares a love for all things old-school metal and rock, and agreed to lend his guitar playing prowess to the song. On keyboards, Lisa enlisted the help of Eric Lawrence, who played progressive rock with her back in her earliest years as a working musician. And to fill out the line-up, none other than Dio/ Black Sabbath drummer Vinny Appice filled the percussion chair. All musicians tracked remotely, and the final takes were taken to Opal Studio where engineer Kevin Hahn recorded Lisa's vocals and mixed and mastered the entire song.

Check it out below!

White Crone's "Stargazer" is even longer and more self-indulgent than the original, clocking in at almost nine minutes in length. The extended outro features soaring vocals, impassioned drum and bass guitar interplay, and an extended outro of duetting guitar and keyboard.

Ghost Cult Magazine (US) says "Mann covered Rainbow's classic “Stargazer” in an epic performance of the track, befitting the legend."

White Room Reviews (NL) says Lisa Mann's vocals "do justice to the original. The power with which Dio let his words slide over his lips can also be heard in this version."

Sleeping Village Reviews (US) says " The vocals are simply stellar, doing a mighty track the justice it deserves."

(Courtesy C Squared Music)

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