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This months feature artist is full of FUCKERY!

Wilson are a four-piece rock band from East Lansing, Michigan, United States.

The band formed in 2010 when founding member Jason Spencer was attending Michigan State University.

Vocalist Chad Nicefield joined in late 2010. They have released three full studio albums: Full Blast Fuckery (2013),

Right to Rise (2015) and Tasty Nasty (2018).

The band also released an EP in 2010 named Standing On The Reel under a different lineup,

besides Jason Spencer. Wilson currently consists of Chad Nicefield (vocals),

Jason Spencer (guitar), James Lascu (bass) and Matt Puhy (drums)

Wilson entered the studio in early 2013 to release what would be their first full studio album following the 2010 EP Standing On The Reel. The album was co-produced and engineered by Shane D. Grush and Steve Evetts, and mixed by Grant Mohrman and Evetts.

Music videos were released in support of the album, with single video releases for the songs "College Gangbang", "Strictly Doods (Better Off), and "If You Ever Leave Me...". "Better Off" received airtime and video plays in the UK on Scuzz TV, Kerrang!, and Team Rock radio.

Reviews for the album were positive, with particular praise for the high energy and "balls-out nature" of the album. Support of the album, the band spent the majority of 2013 and 2014 on the road across the US with artists such as Gwar, Jason Newsted, Scorpion Child and The Greenery. The band released Full Blast Fuckery in the UK on July 7, 2014, with the first ever vinyl record releases of the album.

In early 2015, Wilson took some time off from touring and headed back to the studio in preparation for the recording of their second album. Upon the album's completion, Wilson went to the UK and mainland Europe in March for their first tour of these parts in support of Halestorm alongside Nothingmore and The Fallen State (on limited dates). During this time, the band released their first song from the upcoming album Right To Rise, "Hang With The Devil".

The band also announced that they had signed a record deal with Razor & Tie Records, with the new album being released on June 29, 2015. In support of Right To Rise, Wilson embarked on their first headline UK tour in early 2016, with support coming from Devon-based Reigning Days

In May of 2018, Wilson performed at the Rock On The Range festival in Columbus, Ohio with a new look and appearance, debuting previously unreleased material. Following this show, the band announced the details of their long awaited third album, Tasty Nasty, to be released August 24 2018.

In an interview with Blabbermouth, frontman Chad Nicefield spoke of the stylistic changes in the upcoming release, stating, "I just kind of realized who we are as people and our DNA was that of a bunch of lovable, silly dudes, that love to make music."

The announcement also coincided with the release of the first single from the album, "Like A Baller", accompanied by a music video produced and directed by Raymond Rivard and lead singer, Chad Nicefield. The song was dubbed a "reflective introspection" of the adventures of a parking valet.

I have personally seen WILSON open for numerous acts and they have always blown me away!

The last album "Tasty Nasty" is one of the best albums released last year. Period.

This band is full blast fuckery and their stage presence is INSANE. I can not speak higher enough of these guys.

If you haven't listened to WILSON, what are you waiting for?

Join the house of fuckery and taste the nastiness.

Photos below are by Christian West taken July 24th 2019 at the Crafthouse in Pittsburgh, PA.

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