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Wilson's "Tasty Nasty"

"Tasty Nasty" is the long awaited follow up album to Wilson's 2015 "Right To Rise." This album was well worth the wait; this album is a hard hitter. 

 When Wilson announced they were working on a new album they mentioned they were taking a new "musical outlook" which honestly scared me a bit.  I was introduced to these guys while they played a show with Steel Panther back in 2016.  I really vibed off these guys and wasn't sure how to feel when they said they were  changing. 

However, when the first track starts on this album, "Dumptruck" I realize that my fears of them changing were dumb.  Because, this shit fucks!


"Dumptruck" is a smack you in the face opening track with an infectious chant that gets your blood pumping.  Followed up by "Wrong Side Of History" a lot heavier than the opening track, has a crunchy guitar and heavy drums. "Like A Baller" the first single (and my personal favorite) starts off with a laid-back catchy riff, and when the chorus comes in, BAM takes it up a level.  The lyrical content is fun and this song just rocks. 

 This album goes into a little funky groove, with horns and killer guitars with "My Hustle."  The easy flow instrumentals of "Summertime Treat (Tasty Nasty)" make for perfect summer driving music.   "Act My Age" has a very early 2000s vibe, and i mean that in the best way possible. It dives into people telling you to grow up already, and not listening to those people, living your life the way you want to.  

Want some Latin with your Wilson?  "Spanish Coffee" is nothing like Wilson has released, but it has a fun vibe to it.  Money (Money Money) is the standout with the horns; the usage of horns on this album is spread over the entire album but this song they stand out more. It's really fun they added horns. 

 Has someone ever killed your high?  "Fuck Up My High" is your theme song if so!  The vocals on this are insane, especially in the chorus it's ridiculously good.  "House Of Fuckery" Wilson didn't forget how to tell a story, and the chant in the chorus is super catchy.  "Everyone Gets Around On Me" the album closer is probably the slowest song on the album. It has a really chill vibe about it.  

This album is for sure a sound changer for Wilson, but I dig it a lot.  This album is so good, and I hope if you haven't heard of Wilson before you check out this album.  It has a little bit of everything for everyone's taste.  Great job guys, it was worth the wait!

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