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Worm Shepherd Drop Stand Alone Single "THE FROZEN LAKE PT II (THE RUINED)"

Watch HERE| Listen HERE

TUESDAY, MARCH 28th, 2023 - Symphonic deathcore titans, Worm Shepherd, have released stand alone single, "The Frozen Lake Pt II (The Ruined)" today. Accompanying the 8 minute masterpiece is an epic music video which can be watched HERE or by clicking the image below. Stream the track on your platform of choice HERE.

Speaking on the new release, vocalist Devin Duarte shares

“The Frozen Lake Pt. II (The Ruined) is about forgiveness of self. We live in a world where perfection is expected of everyone at all times. No one is perfect whether they want to admit it or not and we all would be doing ourselves better to stop running from and ignoring all of these imperfections and mistakes. Once people learn to accept the reality of their humanity, we can start to focus on working through those mistakes, learning new lessons, and being better people overall. That’s what it’s about. Stop putting on a show. Stop being ashamed of yourself. Before there is no more you to speak of.

Be true to yourselves, and understanding of those around you. That is how learning, and improving is done.”

Keep an eye out for more coming from Worm Shepherd in the coming weeks.

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