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X-RL7, Cyberpunk pixel art web series/music project releases it's first episode

Hear Blue Stahli, Aesthetic Perfection, Psychostick and More In Latest Episode Of Animated Cyberpunk Music Series X-RL7

Watch X-RL7 - Episode 18 - V-CHAN HERE!

Reimagined EP Available Today

The series, created by Mike Evans of UK electronic rock act MiXE1, chronicles the exploits of the fictional band X-RL7, featuring artists from the alternative music scene, in a mix of comedy, social commentary and original music.

Watch Episode 18 - V -Chan HERE!

Cyberpunk pixel art web series/music project X-RL7 releases it's first episode and music of the year in it's 18th instalment 'V-Chan' and accompanying EP 'Reimagined'. Featuring a star-studded cast of alternative musicians, the episode lovingly explores (and occassionally pokes fun at) the world of music Youtube (or "V-Chan" as it's called in the world of X-RL7 ). Attempting to kill time before a show, the band watch videos online including in-universe covers, reaction videos, live audio, interviews and other modern online goodies.

As the title suggests, the Reimagined EP contains 5 songs from the series reimagined by 5 talented YouTube musicians, taking the songs in brand new directions. Nikki Simmons delivers a heavier rock version of the song "Gate Keeper", Patrick Russell gives us a haunting synthwave rendition of "Heart Shaped Hole," Annie Wallflower strips down the song "Kindred" to an intimate acoustic rendition, while Andrew Baena and Marlene Mendoza take the songs "Apotheosis Man" and "The Conjuring" into heavier, screamier territory.

Other appearances in the episode include the likes of series regulars Blue Stahli, Daniel Graves (Aesthetic Perfection), Rob Kersey (Psychostick), Roman Marisak (Professional Murder Music), Erlend Eiltertsen (Essence of Mind), Trina Deuhart and Mikey AlterRed (AlterRed). We also see the introduction of YouTube vocal coach Chris Leipe into the mix.

Series creator, Mike Evans, says: "It's always an absolute honour to work with so many phenomenal artists in X-RL7, crafting exciting original songs and discovering that vocalists... tend to be extremely good at voice acting! Or at least the ones we are lucky enough to collaborate with. It's fantastic to see so many of these great artists come together in the same episode. On the Reimagined EP - as a songwriter, its super humbling to hear the X-RL7 songs reconstructed in such creative new ways, each artists putting their distinct spin on the tracks. I hope you enjoy the show, the music, and hopefully discover a new artist or two to enjoy in your music rotation!"

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