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1476 Release Lyric Visualiser for :When Comes the Dawn?" & New Album Details

Salem-based occult rockers 1476 released a lyric visualizer for their newest single "When Comes the Dawn?" this morning. The track is one off of their upcoming album "In Exile," which is slated for a July 7, 2023 release.

"The track 'When Comes the Dawn?' revolves around owning the callousness of our days, while the rest of the album presents other worlds to explore as possible solutions, escapes, escalations, and other such paths", singer and multi-instrumentalist Robb Kavjian explains.

"The song explores where we may be going wrong. For this reason, this song was intended to become the opening track of 'In Exile', but it ended up in the middle of the album, because it just sounded much better there. We're quite happy to present this song as the first single instead."

"In Exile" Tracklist

1. Lost in Exile

2. Lapis Fire: Through the Mist

3. Tristesse in Exile

4. Jade Fire: A Paragon

6. May Mountains Never Fall

7. Where Kings Fall

8. A Queen in Exile

9. Beyond the Meadows, Beyond the Moors

10. Carnelian Fire: The Gallows

"In Exile" is available for pre-order now through Prophecy Productions, SPKR, and Bandcamp.


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