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3 Headed Snake is an old school classic power metal band based out of Los Angeles inspired by the sounds of Warrior, Malice, Dio and Iron Maiden.

The group features Floridian lead singer Johnny Ray, whose insanely powerful voice has been compared to Rob Halford of Judas Priest, and guitarist and two-time Grammy-nominated metal legend Sin Quirin, who has been in the industry for nearly 20 years, playing and songwriting for legendary names like Ministry. After dropping their EP “Wisdom Screams” in 2018 and their most recent release, “Tyrants” in 2021, 3 Headed Snake is set to release a new batch of songs that explore a whole new side to metal, while rooting themselves in their classic and addictive sound. The songs will be available on Bandcamp and Spotify beginning with the second single release of “Dead Bound From Bedlam” out NOW

Dead Bound from Bedlam” is best described as a “quintessential story about scapegoating.” This particular song speaks to the power of alternative ideas, and how society is quick to shun those who push against its traditional framework. By pushing outcasts away, they turn to other areas of life, usually more involved with the wilderness – which in turn “brings peace and tranquility,” according to Ray. He describes how this notion can be seen in modern life, with the exacerbation of cancel culture in the past decade. Once again invoking a positive message, the group uses the song as a way to express that the scapegoats of society will find a new and better community through new outlets. The first single, “Untouchable Undead” which was released on March 17th speaks to these feelings, as well as acts as a commentary on religion – providing a message of looking out for the powerless, the vulnerable, and the weak. It comes in hot right off the bat, with powerful drum kicks and Johnny’s captivating and illustrious voice. Combined with Sin’s unstoppable, dark industrial sound, the song is able to grasp the attention of metalheads and bring them a feeling of catharsis all from the very first track. By taking on a whole new approach to metal, 3 Headed Snake is able to pave a path that has not been paved in this genre, and brings their audience a message of hope, positivity, and of catharsis and ridding yourself of negative energy rather than wallowing in it. While remaining inspired by the classic metal sound from groups we know and love, 3 Headed Snake draws in their audience to a familiar sound – with a whole new meaning. About 3 Headed Snake: Based out of Los Angeles, California, 3 Headed Snake features lead singer Johnny Ray and guitarist Sin Quirin. The two have played individually with various industrial, metal and progressive groups throughout their music careers, and strive to revert back to a more classic sound with this project. Through Sin’s hearty guitar sounds alongside Ray’s dramatic and provocative vocals, 3 Headed Snake creates a palpable sound reminiscent of traditional metal music, with a powerful message to be shared about positivity, strength and perseverance. For more information on 3 Headed Snake, please visit: Facebook | Bandcamp | Spotify ### Sin Quirin and Johnny Ray, are available for interviews. For all media inquiries, please contact: Raquel Figlo |

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