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A Cure For Love Release Single "Cafeteria Harrison"

Alternative rock powerhouse A Cure For Love released their new single "Cafeteria Harrison," available on all digital streaming platforms NOW. The single is the first of a string of releases that will lead up to a fresh, full body of work. Alternative rock lovers will immediately feel connected to A Cure For Love. Their welcoming personalities are key to their sound, as they strive to incorporate a variety of styles into their sound and always take full advantage of the opportunity to share their music with new listeners. About the single, the band states:

"There are references littered throughout the entire album and I hope that people find them. I find it important to let anything you like influence and be part of the things you make."

A Cure for Love is an alternative rock band from Canal Winchester, OH. The band was started in a basement in 2016 by Cameron Blair and Kristian Khoury. After nearly two years of revolving members, the band started to play house shows in their practice space with friends and a few local bands. After playing shows throughout Columbus in 2018 and 2019 they recorded their first full length album "Storm in a Teacup", which was released in February 2020.

Their music could be described as a mix of rock, emo, and indie, but most people can’t put their finger on it. With a love of all things nerdy, they incorporate references to pop culture and their musical influences into many of their songs. Their personalities are welcoming and they strive to find friends every chance they get; the opportunity to meet people is far greater since they bridge musical gaps. A Cure for Love’s second full length album "Birds, Beasts, Trees, Flowers" will bring people together.


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