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"Too early, Too fast" - this is my PRE-publishing auto - biography by Anna Achimowicz. A book -to-be Blog.


I always wanted to be among adults, ever since childhood, when my parents' friends came over, me being an infant I refused to go to sleep, and wanted to participate in what was going on. Ever since I was born I sort of was putting on a show already. In my early days in dance education I was always the youngest in my group, tried to stay with adults weather it was the dance and theatre community or just events connected to the dance. When I did my first solo, entitled "Lost...?" It kicked off and took off from there. There was no going back.

Being the youngest amongst my surrounding fellows created all kinds of dynamics for me. Admiration from others how talented and determined I was in my dance learning, career plans and goals. Commitment towards what I was doing and a certain maturity i brought to my performance whether on stage or just in real life. I recall one exchange choreographer from Asia that asked me supposingly one day at a festival ( don't remember that situation now) Who do you wanna be Anna when you grow up? - "I'm gonna be a choreographer" I stated strongly and surely. I guess I knew it, planned it back then already.

Smart and clever and with a plan to that, my mom said. Not being even 6 months old, I was playing with mom lying in a cradle having my slinky in my mouth. The game was based on me taking it in my hand and balancing it outside the cradle bed I was sleeping in. When I dropped I to the floor my mom would pick it up, replace it with another, wash it or still do something else. When I noticed its easy for her to pick it up on one side I switched to balancing it out of the other edge of the bed which was close the wall and not so easy to reach. From ages 1-4 before we moved to a bigger appartment, we lived in a one room flat with a connected kitchen on the ground floor of Ochota district in Warsaw. Anyway that spot was definitely harder to reach and much more funny to watch my mom struggle to aim for. The moment my mom was saying 'No, Anna don't drop it" i looked at her determined, smiled as if i knew exactly what im doing and dropped it burst in laughter at the very moment my mother was reaching for it. It wasn't a one time thing, I could repeat this many many times over, always ending up with the same scenario. Me smiling while dangling the slinky outside the bed and provoking my mom 'brace yourself I'm gonna drop it anyway :-)).

From a very early stage on I understood the basics of human intelligence or behaviour. Another example for that would be my parents asking me to repeat words as talking practice and to their great joy and amusement.

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