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Aaron Carter Puts On An Energetic Performance In Pittsburgh

Aaron Carter, the pop singer who is most known for his early 2000s hits "I Want Candy" and "Aaron's Party," played arenas and was a huge pop sensation. Why does all of this matter?

The thirty-one-year-old pop star has returned with a BOOM.

His LØVË EP was the first EP he has released in sixteen long years. This EP is one of the most underrated albums on the pop scene.

I've been following his career for the last four years, and his shows have grown to be more and more energenic. More and more fans have been coming out. AC is BACK.

March 1st 2019 at the Hard Rock Cafe his show was filled with an undeniable amount of electricity. His new EP has been received greatly by the fans who have stood by his side. Songs like "Sooner or Later" and "Fools Gold" has been smash hits and has gotten some great airplay!

Aaron wasn't the only act on the bill, locals such as rapper Leon Budrow and pop band ALBVS put on fantastic sets in their own right!

I had no idea that Leon Budrow was going into this set, but he won me over with his instant connection with the crowd. His catchy rooks and charisma won the crowd over!

ALBVS, on the other hand, I have seen numerous times and was singing obnoxiously loud through their entire set. Ralph and Joey's bound is undeniable. These two are the bro-mance you all wish you had!

That night at Hard Rock Cafe was one for the books! If you get a chance to see AC or any of the other dudes, you won't be disappointed.

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