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ACACIA RIDGE Premieres "Playing the Victim"

After the release of their first album, which amassed over three million streams, Acacia Ridge went to work refining their production that can be now found in "Playing The Victim" and the subsequent upcoming LP.

Here is what Flip Twogood, the lead guitarist had to say about the process for recording guitars on "Playing the Victim", “We spent 13 hours shooting out guitar cabinets and amplifiers on day one of recording this song. The final result ended up being an EVH 5150 through a Diezel Cab with a single SM57 on the glue blob near the dust cap.”

Bassist Anson Clark shares 'Playing the Victim' has unearthed what Acacia Ridge’s music is truly capable of. This is the song that has made me the most thrilled because it gave us a new foundation for our sound. Acacia Ridge’s upcoming releases in 2022 build upon that foundation and create an energy that we feel is missing from current trends in rock and metal."

Since both Flip and Alex are PRS Pulse Artists it also makes it much easier to dial in a wide range of tones - from guttural unrelenting rhythm riffs to smooth creamy leads with their guitars.

After the success of their first album, Watch Your Monarchs Fall, the band immediately turned their eyes to the future with the goal of creating heavier, more intricate, and overall better songs.

Enter "Playing the Victim", the first of a long line of earth-scorching singles that promise to redefine what Acacia Ridge is capable of. Their new music features faster guitars, catchier vocals, and the kind of drums that rearrange the inside of your ears. Acacia Ridge isn’t here to “defy-genre”. They’re here to make some damn good rock music.

"'Playing the Victim' and everything coming after it feels like the step forward we’ve always wanted to make with our music. It’s more aggressive, technical, and overall more catchy than anything we’ve done before, but it’s only the first of many. 'Playing the Victim' is just the tip of a very angry iceberg." - Christian Mayfield, Vocalist

About Acacia Ridge:

Acacia Ridge toes the line between the aggressive rock of the 2000s and the head-splitting metal of the 2010s. The band’s combination of sailing vocals, biting riffs, and pummeling drums creates a cocktail of sound that would leave any hard music enthusiast intoxicated.

In just over three years, the group has amassed over three million streams, setting the stage for bigger, better and badder grooves moving forward. Acacia Ridge represents the step between mainstream rock and underground metal that so many listeners have been craving.

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