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Accidental President: Australian Alternative Hard Rockers Release New Video 'Last Breath'

Accidental President: Australian Alternative Hard Rockers Release New Video 'Last Breath'

Accidental President website Accidental President Instagram Accidental President Spotify Accidental President are a female fronted Alt-Rock 3 piece playing their own brand of hard rock mixed heavily with goth and metal influences - with a theatrical flair. The band released their self titled debut album on Wednesday, 1 July 2020. Now, the band is thrilled to reveal a brand new lyric video Last Breath. Accidental President says about the video: "Vilified? Misrepresented? Wrongly accused? Falsely judged? Resented for making a stand? Attacked for challenging injustice? Ignored for challenging the status quo? Mocked for being different? Betrayed by your family? Rejected by your friends? Blocked by tradition & vested interests?…..Fight till the last breath. The song is inspired by The Hunt (2012) Starring Mads Mikkelsen." If Accidental President musical talents don’t immediately captivate you, their live performance will. Each live show is packed full of visual stimulation. A rapidly growing fan base locks in to see the spectacle. From creative costumes to an in your face stage show, Accidental President is not a band you want to miss live. The press agrees: “Dave Ben Lee is truly a master of the rock guitar. The inspiration of the classic masters of the instrument through hard rock’s past can be felt mightily.”Keith Pro - IndieBandGuru "Sharp, cutting guitar riffs and tones. Powerhouse vocals that will blow you away again and again. This debut album is an incredibly strong showing of raw talent and honed skill.  Whose Lovechild?…..Joan Jett meets Avenged Sevenfold." The Ark of Music If not obvious by the name, Accidental President is a band that wants to share their ethos of social awareness. This is especially relevant in our current times of political upheaval and inequalities around the world. The band connects with their listeners on a level much greater than just the music. Accidental President are:

Bethany Neville - Vocals

Dave Ben Lee - Guitar & Vocals

Leon Cadden - Drums Hard work and passion are the backbones of a successful band and Accidental President fits the bill perfectly. Originally formed in 2015, the group has gone through a long, hard road of ‘Spinal Tap-esqe’ lineup changes and life events that caused a lot of pitfalls in their development. Their passion never slowed though and Accidental President used these challenges as motivation to build something spectacular that is now ready for the world to hear. The Sydney, Australia based band has formed their own brand of hard rock mixed heavily with goth and metal influences. Adding to their intrigue and performance, Accidental President throws in a theatrical flair to grab all of your senses. Accidental President - Last Breath

Accidental President - Accidental President


1. Hopes And Dreams

2. Rotten Child

3. 100 Days

4. Last Breath

5. Warrior Soul

6. Strength Inside

7. The King is Dead

8. Hateful

9. Letting go The album is available digitally everywhere and on the Accidental President's website & on TuneCore.

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