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Accursed Womb - Hymns Of Misery And Death - (Death Metal)

Accursed Womb - 'Hymns Of Misery And Death' (Death Metal)

Release Date: February 28, 2022

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Since 2019, the predominantly Philly-based death/doom three-piece Accursed Womb have worked tirelessly to bring their idea of monstrous, ugly and pure evil death metal into the world. Their prolific and sickly deranged onslaught officially began last year with the release of their two-song promo tape. Then on Halloween of the first Pandemic year, the Accursed Womb released their demo proper. Dubbed Crushing the Larvae of Christ, Accursed Womb’s 6-track demo shows a young and dementedly eager band going all-in on a moody and gnarly doomed-out death metal sound. - Decibel Magazine

ACCURSED WOMB's hitherto complete composition of the band's inaugural wet work of evil dooming metal of Death straight out of the dilapidated suburban wastelands of modern decay. With Artworks by RUSTED WINDS, HUMANCORPSE & Ryan Haley.

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