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AD INFINITUM Releases New Single & Lyric Video, “Live Before You Die”

AD INFINITUM Releases New Single & Lyric Video, “Live Before You Die" Spellbinding Debut Full-Length Album,Chapter I: Monarchy, Out April 3, 2020 Watch the Video NOW|Pre-Order HERE

[Photo Credit:Nat Enemede] Your restless soul wants to see, wants to know

Today, symphonic metal time travelers, AD INFINITUM, release their third single, “Live Before You Die”, along with an expressionistic lyric video. The new single leads further into the enigmatic tangle of time and the upcoming bewitching debut album Chapter I: Monarchy, to be released on April 3, 2020 via Napalm Records.

Live Before You Die“ ignites an intoxicating symbiosis of boasting, energetic and uncompromising symphonic metal, set atop the rousing journey throughout the hammering jaws of time. The harsh, bittersweet lullaby illuminates the story behind the horizon of history and widens the listeners perspective. 

AD INFINITUM’s outstanding singer, Mélissa Bonny, proves her finely differentiated vocal spectra once again with crystal clear parts in a thrilling variety with powerful, vibrant bits. “Live Before You Die“ emphasizes Chapter I: Monarchys soundscapes with vigor. Spiced with a dash of thrashing drums and powerful guitar lines, AD INFINITUM embarks on their frantic voyage through the depths of time. AD INFINITUM on “Live Before You Die”:

"We might not be able to hit the road to play our music due to the current situation but we are still able to make you headbang from home! Here's "Live Before You Die" from our upcoming album Chapter I: Monarchywhich will be released in one week! Are you ready?"  Watch “Live Before You Die HERE:

Pre-Order Chapter I: Monarchy HERE: AD INFINITUM sets the stage for your darkest nightmares with their smashing debut Chapter I: Monarchy. The album grabs your demons by the horns, boasting energetic and uncompromising symphonic metal set atop a rousing journey throughout history. Escaping the Black Death and transporting you to another era, standout track “Marching on Versailles” breaks in with smashing drums and forceful guitar riffs. Melissa Bonny’s multi-faceted vocals fill every fiber of the anthemic “Demons” — from powerful, fragile highs to deep growls, the track will send shivers down your spine. The energetic and equally melodic soundscapes of the vigorous ballad “Fire and Ice“ perfectly illustrate the heart-wrenching tones of AD INFINITUM. With Chapter I: MonarchyAD INFINITUM puts a spell on the world and surges right into the heart of epic symphonic metal with full force.

AD INFINITUM are: Melissa Bonny - vocals Adrian Theßenvitz - guitars Jonas Asplind - bass Niklas Müller - drums


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