After the Fall- Welcome to the new S.A.

After the Fall is a 4 piece, original hard rock band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Originally formed back in 2003, they've undergone several lineup changes over the years, and although met with success soon after their formation, it's their current incarnation that has the city of Pittsburgh, and cities throughout the country, abuzz. With Matt Ferrante on drums, Steve Craven on bass, Zac Shepard on guitar, and Doug Carnahan on vocals/guitar, they've made a bang in Pittsburgh and surrounding regions since the addition of Carnahan on vocals back in the spring of 2012. More recently, they would replace longtime guitarist Brandon Cornish with Zac Shepard. They've shared the stage with such national acts as Hurt, Sevendust, Nonpoint, The Sin City Sinners, Dope, Corrosion of Conformity, Primer 55, and more. They have played in cities across the country, turning heads and recruiting new fans as if their lives depended on it.

Titled, "Welcome To The New S.A.", After The Fall maintain their composure as a fine combination of the 90s driven American based Hard Rock and a crushing metallic edge of the early 00s. After The Fall approach with material that is no foreign to the public's eye, portraying real life with the possibilities of how corruption and false pretense can be avoided and acted upon.

This EP is the first collection of music we've seen from the band since their 2015 release "My Confession".

The six track EP has some length too it, which as a fan of the band myself I really appreciated.

This EP has the catchy riffs and hooks that made me a fan of this band to begin with. The raspy vocals of Doug Carnahan paired with the catchy instrumentals are always a mix for success.

This piece was very well put together, and was worth the five year wait.

Be sure to check it out when it drops Friday!







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