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AHAB Releases First Single “Old Thunder”, Pre-Order New Live Album ”Live Prey“ Now!

AHAB Releases First Single“Old Thunder” And Video From Upcoming Live Album, Live Prey| Watch HERE! Live Prey Out June 26, 2020 via Napalm Records | Pre-Order NOW!

[photo credit:Stefan Raduta - Live at Roadburn Festival 2017] Nautic funeral doom heavyweights AHAB have released the first single“Old Thunder”off their first live album,Live Prey,to be released on June 26th, 2020 via Napalm Records. Originally released in 2006 on the band's pathbreaking full length, The Call of the Wretched Sea, this blackened doom anthem will take you on a thunderous journey between slow-motion grooves, big riffs, haunting melodies accented by the guttural vocals of Daniel Droste, and an apocalyptic sound as you would experience it front row at an AHAB show!“Old Thunder”is accompanied by a music video that contains loads of live and off stage footage, as well as touring snapshots, highlighting the bands message: It's a big “thank you” to all of their fans and supporters worldwide who have joined the band in their funeral doom journey throughout the past 15 years! Drummer Cornelius Althammer on “Old Thunder”: "Throughout the last 15 years, we’ve gained a lot of experience, on and off stage, to create the incomparable AHAB sound and feeling. “The Hunt” is probably one of our most classic picks to choose, but with a length of nearly 17 minutes, it simply blows up the playtime of a regular single even more than other songs. So, here you go! Except the length, “Old Thunder” is in no way inferior to “The Hunt” – thank you all for so many years of loyalty. Without YOU, we wouldn't be the same band now!”

Watch the video for “Old Thunder“ NOW!

Ever since the band's founding in late 2004, AHAB have been exploring the deep dark sea, while becoming the true masters of solemn melancholy. The nautic doom heavyweights now announce their first intense live album, Live Prey– recorded at Death Row Fest 2017 in Jena, Germany – to be released on June 26th, 2020 via Napalm Records. The album was recorded by the festival's in-house sound engineer, who handed the band their footage on a USB-stick after their intense and memorable gig. For Live Prey, mastered by Role Wiegener at Tonmeisterei, AHAB chose the finest selection of live tracks – originally released on their pathbreaking 2006 album, The Call of the Wretched Sea! Gracefully nestled in between slow-motion grooves, rampant riffs, and haunting melodies, and accented by the angelic but guttural vocals of Daniel Droste, the listener will experience an apocalyptic live sound as if they are standing in the front row at the band’s unforgettable show. Featuring five extreme doom anthems such as “Below the Sun”, the majestic beast“Old Thunder”, or the almost 17-minute long magnum opus“The Hunt”, Live Prey is the ultimate live record by the undisputed sailors of slow heaviness! An indispensable must-have album that belongs in every well-sorted Doom and especially AHAB record collection. Drummer Cornelius Althammer states:

"We are pretty proud to present our first live album: These songs were written a long time ago, even before we became a proper band. Over the years and with a bunch of new live experiences, the songs have evolved and we were finally given the chance to capture them in a way they deserve. The way you have seen us perform them live, the way the songs have developed – you were able to witness the process on how we became AHAB." Live Prey Tracklist:

01. Below The Sun

02. The Pacific

03. Old Thunder

04. Ahab's Oath

05. The Hunt Live Prey will be available in North America the following formats:

-CD Digipak

- Digital Album

- 2 LP Gatefold Black Etched

- 2 LP Gatefold Black and White Swirl (limited to 300)

- 2 LP Gatefold White (limited to 100)

- CD + T-Shirt Bundle

- Black LP + T-Shirt Bundle (US Store Only)

AHAB are:

Daniel Droste - guitar, vocals

Christian Hector - guitar

Stephan Wandernoth - bass

Cornelius Althammer - drums More info:

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