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AIRACOBRA Midwestern Steel Out Now!

AIRACOBRA Midwestern Steel Out Now!

Get Midwestern Steel here:

Midwestern Steel - Out now! This is AIRACOBRA's first full length album. The band has previously released three EPs and several singles. If you are interested in interviewing the band let us know and, if you post a review , please send to us so we can share it!

AIRACOBRA has been described as "Heavy Metal that combines dark imagery and themed lyrics with Rock n Roll hooks and a touch of theatrics". AIRACOBRA has described themselves as an "Apocalyptic Sleaze Metal Band".

AIRACOBRA will be appearing, again, at the FULL TERROR ASSAULT OPEN AIR 2022 FESTIVAL. It is their sophomore installment at the biggest and heaviest metal party in the woods which will run from September 7 through September 10 in Cave-in-Rock, Illinois. For tickets and more information click here:

photo credit: Kaylee Williamson

Airacobra - Midwestern Steel

Track Listing:

Midwestern Steel

Nailed to the Thieves Cross


You Belong to the Earth

Master of the Blade

Treacherous Waters of the Soul Divide

Wrath of the Wraith

Wolves of Sabbat

Put Out the Eastern Pyres


AIRACOBRA’s mission statement and sentiment is simple: genuine, authentic metal from the heart of metal, the midwest.

AIRACOBRA have cultivated a reputation for being a high-energy, entertaining live experience while also writing authentic metal that not only is aggressive and powerful but also catchy and melodic.

By combining "NWOBHM" riffs with searing high vocals that invokes names like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, and also utilizing neck-snapping thrash sections and modern crushing screams that are connotative to Skeletonwitch and Carcass, AIRACOBRA unleashed their first full length LP, Midwestern Steel, to the world on March 11, 2022.

Honoring the forefathers who created the blueprint for heavy metal, AIRACOBRA is an aural trip to the past, while simultaneously a sonic view into the future of heavy metal.


Dusty Raymer - Vocals

TJ Walsh - Guitar

Zakk Burke - Drums

Nick Tuggle - Bass


Airacobra online:

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