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Alt-Metal/Hard Rock Band BULLET TO THE HEART Release New Single "Decay" to all major platforms!

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Alt-Metal/Hard Rock band Bullet to the Heart released their new single "Decay" to all major platforms! The single is off of their forthcoming album Transcendence due out November 19, 2021.

"Decay talks about wanting to be with someone on a deeper level but finding it difficult to truly open up. With both sides not willing to commit there is a final push in the chorus to show that, no matter who you are in the world, everyone is facing something deep within themselves. We are all the same. We are all connected as one" says Audrey Queen.

She adds, "Transcendence is the epitome of wanting more for ones self but falling short. There will always be something trying to hold you back. With perseverance, time, and the support of others, nothing can stop you. From the first song to the last there is a voice pushing you forward, making sure you achieve the greatest version of yourself. Even though darkness lurks around the corner, the smallest of lights can create the brightest stars."

After facing life’s trials firsthand, Chicago 4 Piece Alt-Metal/Hard Rock band Bullet to the Heart was inspired to write music to help others through the issues that challenged them; mental illness, addiction, and personal identity. Their studio music demonstrates the range, technique, and song writing ability that has been played on world-renowned radio stations and has been featured on Spotify and Apple music playlists. A local favorite, the band is taking the next step, sharing their message and music with the world. Bullet to the Heart plans to use their dynamic live show, highlighted by distinctive guitar and vocal techniques, energetic rhythms and uplifting stage performance that has earned the praise of their dedicated fan group, “The Bloodline”, with a larger audience.

Bullet To The Heart is

Audrey Queen

Draven DC

Brian Benischek

Tom Monroe

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