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Alternative punk band Scumbags drops new single "Dreadlocks in the Alley"

Scumbags is a punk rock band from Brazil founded in 2017. Relying heavily on their references, which range from classic punk like NOFX and Ramones, to something more “recent” like Green Day and Blink-182, Scumbags band produced a fast and straightforward setlist that drives their show. Scumbags officially debuted their authorial material with the release of two singles, On the Dread Street and The Kid’s Aren’t the Same which were soon followed by the first album titled Sour Days, released in May 2019. After a break in activities due to the pandemic, the band returned with the single Dreadlocks in the Alley, a song that was already present in their discography, but only in a live version, now receiving the studio treatment it deserves through this definitive redesign. So it could be said that this was a symbolic release as it marked a transition point for the band. Dreadlocks in the Alley:

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