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American metal band Low Gear unleash the heavy new album "Siktunes Redux"

American metal band Low Gear unleash the heavy new album "Siktunes Redux"

Low Gear writes music that comes from their sum total of their experiences . They express it with heavy music. They sing about the reality of being sick , and the reality of letting it go and being an omnipresent power with strength and desire and a drive to have success and achieve in life your dreams and what all humans deserve. And when They show up, its gonna get loud, its gonna get heavy, and your gonna fuckin know who we are.

The band released their new official worldwide CD "Siktunes Redux". The first single release was "Mexican Radio" a cover from the monster New Wave Stars "Wall Of Voodoo'' from the 80'sis one of the coolest remakes you'll eer hear. The second single "Chemical Burn" will break your fucking beak. Its heavy rhythmic energetic drive is soon to be a hit , dominating the metal charts. The entire CD is heavy, and solid metal.

Low Gear will be streaming their next concert event on New Years Eve, Dec 31st 2021. You can buy your tickets now to the live streaming event now at Check out the bands hub to many other sites . Also you can contact the band directly. The tickets are only $10 dollars to view the extremely awesome live performance by Low Gear. Merch is available at Listen to Low Gear on Spotify or iTunes, or Deezer, Amazon Prime, Napster, Pandora, etc. Watch videos from Low Gear on YouTube. Low Gear recently landed sync licensing deals with Netflix for 2 upcoming shows. And is generating a lot of interest from some major players in the business.

Low Gear was brought to life by the drummer/sound engineer, "Gotti." His vision for the band and its sound developed from his life experiences of personal conflict , pain, anger, and his love for music and his expertise in creation. The trials of life early on mirror a great many souls around this world. His grip on reality and desire for success would drive his passion and talents to a creative pinnacle to manifest what is , Low Gear.

The members of Low Gear were recruited one by one from some of the best bands in Dallas, Texas. Each position was filled with the exact elements necessary to forge the structure he envisioned. Mucky: Guitarist, long time friend of Gotti and bandmate in previous projects. A rhythmic genius and monster creator of heavy guitar sound signed his inclusion in blood. Goat, Bass Guitar, absolute timing and impeccable precision , his inclusion was set. The creative process was simple, but the professional demands were exhaustive. Sam, Guitars, brimming over with musical creatives that perfectly complimented the music's call for contrast in its modeling process.

The Minister Roach, Singer, Frontman, Poet, expressive to a fault, his all contained pain and suffering from a life completely grown from seeds of suffering on display through a window with a sign that read " look at my hell." Reckless and notorious for self destructive and illegal activity. Yet Gotti would hone and direct Roach, and render him a strength and guarantee that life's experiences are to be experienced, then freed, through expression, not to digest and suffer its bitter thorn for eternity. These are the ingredients of Low Gear and its music. Its expression. Its creative design was built with the intention to mirror the pain of life's experiences, those experiences that all lives, all embodied souls on this planet endure. We replicate the emotional fire of living, we contort and form a musical shape with words that are the translation of the musical expression.

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