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Amnessia Eterna launches music video “Infierno” and details of the debut album

Amnesia Eternal releases music video “Infierno” and reveal details of the debut album

With pure old school thrash metal, the band Amnessia Eterna has been winning over hundreds of fans and are eager to publicize the new work and announce the signing with the American label Brutal Records. 'Malditos' is the debut work of the band that arrives like a kick in the door, establishing a style and a sound that stands out from the crowd with its modern wood to perform the classic thrash metal. 'Malditos' will be released worldwide on July 30th by Brutal Records.

To announce the debut album and the partnership with the new label, Amnessia Eterna promotes the second single and video clip of the new album. The video “Infierno” is available on the YouTube channel. In addition to marking the band's debut, the album is a landmark event for the band, which started recording in March 2020, just in the month when the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) began in Chile. Amnessia Eterna returned to work on the album almost 9 months later, finishing in December 2020.

About the album ‘Malditos’, vocalist and guitarist Camilo Sánchez explains: “It’s not a single style and it doesn’t follow a single predominant direction. I think it is suitable for all those who like rock or metal. The lyrics are very subjective and throughout the album you will find themes related to society, injustices, dreams, anger and loneliness”.

Formed in Chile in 2017, the band constantly played on the Chilean metal scene during 2018 and 2019, reaching a good fan base, which made them launch their first demo in 2018, which was well received by the media and critics. With a pure classic Thrash Metal, hoarse voice and sounding like the giants of the genre, the lyrics of Amnessia Eterna talk about everything that is wrong in our society with an acid criticism.

The first single and video clip released in February, “Falso Predicador” can be seen below and is also available on the main digital platforms.

'Malditos' will be released on all digital platforms and in CD format with distribution in the USA and Canada by the MVD Entertainment Group and Europe by Plastic Head Distribution.


1 - Malditos

2 - Lujuria

3 - Desquiciado Pecador

4 - En Busca del Poder

5 - Initium

6 - Infierno

7 - Tan Solo

8 - Falso Predicador

9 - Desvanecidos

10 - Todo Cae

11 - Caminos

Label: Brutal Records


Camilo Sánchez – Voz e Guitarra

Rudy Pereira - Guitarra

Jairo Sepúlveda - Bateria

Fernando Martínez – Baixo

Genre: Thrash Metal

Production and recording: Fernando Guerra - Darkshape Studios

Mastering and mixing: Fernando Guerra - Darkshape Studios

Artwork: Hanyo Arte e Claudio Vergara

Photo: Claudio Vergara e Samuel Acevedo

For more about AMNESSIA ETERNA visit the official channels INSTAGRAM ,FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE

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