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Anova Skyway Announce New EP 'Reset'

Described as “A talented and dark-visioned lot!” by popular metal site; Houston “prog-ternative” rock band ANOVA SKYWAY will follow up the release of their acclaimed 2020 single “Diet of Worms” with another bold and irresistible take on the modern prog blueprint. The six-piece ensemble will debut their awaited EP titled Reset on July 15, 2022.

Reset features six songs including four co-written with Louis Abramson of JOLLY and an intriguing cover of FAITH NO MORE’s “Ashes to Ashes.” Produced by Dean Dichoso; ANOVA SKYWAY make a notable and instantly satisfying impression with Reset, showcasing their sonic evolution with their most indulgent and exploratory melodies to date, caressed by powerfully emotive lyrics. "Reset represents yet another turn in our winding journey as a band," states drummer Mike Marksberry. "All the detours left their mark and brought us to the unit that we are today. Mike has completely blown us away with where he’s taken the vocal performances. The hole he leaves in the guitar spot with this move makes room for one of our oldest friends in music and one of the best guitarists we know in Sean Gary (ex-Oceans of Slumber). Frank Alonzo rounds it out on keys and our brother Garret West has left his mark as well contributing the lyrics to some of these songs as a final parting gift. We are excited to bring this new version of Anova Skyway to the world.” The refreshed ANOVA SKYWAY lineup is composed of vocalist Mike Palacios, guitarists Andrew Alvarez and Sean Gary, drummer Mike Marksberry, bassist Cory Miles and Frank Alonzo on keys/synth.

“Mike has completely blown us away with where he’s taken the vocal performances and we can’t wait to bring this new version of Anova. We have a new vocalist, a new guitarist, and a new keyboardist. I wouldn’t say there is a huge departure from our previous style, but those new elements alone make for a brand new sound! We’re excited to bring it to the world.” - ANOVA SKYWAY

The tracklisting for Reset is unveiled below along with the stunning EP artwork designed by Giannis Nakos of Remedy Art. The first single will premiere soon, along with additional EP details including pre-order information. ANOVA SKYWAY teased a glimpse of what’s to come via social media. Visit the band’s Facebook page at: for a peek into the arrival of Reset.


1. Translucent

2. Absent

3. Spark

4. City Underground

5. Ashes to Ashes

6. Horizon


Mike Palacios: Vocals

Andrew Alvarez: Guitar

Sean Gary: Guitar

Mike Marksberry: Drums

Cory Miles: Bass

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