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ANTOLOGI - Chronicles Of Catastrophes - (Death Thrash Metal)

Antologi - Chronicles Of Catastraphes (Death Thrash Metal)


Country: Singapore

Album Title: Chronicles Of Catastrophes

Format: Audio CD

Date of Release: 30/06/21

Label: Vrykoblast Production

Check out this video of their new single!

Antologi is a Death Thrash Metal band from Singapore . Formed in mid 2009, the group was founded by then-guitarist Bob Shahid, guitarist Load Sham, drummer Remi Hamdi and bassist Adi Reaper. Antologi went through several lineup changes over the years, with Load Sham and Adi Reaper as the only original members of the band that is left since it’s inception. Since 2016, the band has comprised of Load Sham and Suhaimi Hanafi on guitars, Afique Romie on vocals, bassist Adi Reaper and drummer Eddie Fendi. Started out as a Heavy / Thrash Metal band, Antologi eventually went to play Thrash Metal and then became a Death Thrash Metal band.

Current Members Former Members

Afique Romie - Vocals / Ash Jasz - Vocals ( 2009 – 2011 )

Suhaimi Hanafi - Guitars / Bob Shahid - Guitars ( 2009 – 2012 )

Load Sham - Guitars / Mohd Remi - Drums ( 2009 – 2012 )

Eddie Fendi - Drums / Juraimi Mohd - Drums ( 2012 – 2015 )

Adi Reaper - Bass

Session Member

Wann Alip - Drums ( 2014 – 2015 )

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