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AS LIGHT DECAYS: Release New Video The Torrents Fall a heartbroken story from an Aussie farmer

AS LIGHT DECAYS: Release New Video The Torrents Fall a heartbroken story from an Aussie farmer

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Perth thrash band AS LIGHT DECAYS has released their latest video for the single ‘The Torrents Fall’, a song that is dedicated to all the farmers across Australia. Off their latest album SYSTEM OF DIVISION, the video highlights a tale of an Aussie farmer facing the battles that come with tackling our sunburnt land.

“The Torrents Fall is a quintessentially Australian tale of an Aussie farmer who is battling a crippling drought and facing the loss of his livelihood until the rains finally come and bring salvation. It showcases resilience and strength in the face of adversity,” explains singer Jamie Gaitskell, “since writing The Torrents Fall in 2019, it's been a staple in all of our live sets, and it's personally one of my favorite songs to perform.”

“We recently celebrated National Agriculture Day in Australia (November 19),” guitarist Brett Dunsire explains, “so the timing is perfect for everyone to celebrate all that the farmers do to feed the nation, often through much hardship.”

The video, directed by Peter Renzullo and shot across two very classic Australian locations, aims to pack an emotional punch- highlighting the strong story in the track. With personal experience amongst some of the band members working the land, the band hopes to showcase and rally support for local farmers.

Line Up:

Jamie Gaitskell - Vocals

Brett Dunsire - Guitar

Gregory (Googz) Hall - Bass

Beau Unwin - Drums


In the summer of 2017 Brett Dunsire and Beau Unwin would meet up regularly to match their musical minds. A creative project that harnessed their passion for heavy metal, inspired by a variety of genres.

As the momentum of the project built, a lifelong friend of Brett’s and former teenage band mate Jamie Gaitskell was invited to jam and put some lyrics to the riffs. The Sunday session was born.

A back catalogue was built and through trial and error the trio found a recipe that would be raw and irresistible. After a plethora of practice sessions, there was still one final link to fill. A bassist was needed to bring the band to life. One single audition was all that was required. Everyone knew that Googz was the man.

As Light Decays was complete and after 16 months of toil and dedication, the band was ready to hit the stage.

In March 2019, ALD performed on stage for the first time, surrounded by friends and family at a battle of the bands event at a suburban Perth hotel. The passion for live performance continued to grow exponentially, as did the song writing ability.

By the end of 2019 the band had hit the stage 14 times, having performed at renowned venues and small pubs alike, culminating with a show with Perth juggernauts All This Filth and Bayview Suspect.

2020 was a year that brought the world to a halt but it did not stop As Light Decays. 14 shows at 11 different venues including a sold out show at Perth’s famous Badlands Bar. An insane blend of heavy metal, pyro effects, cabaret and sex art at the Rechabite Hall in the heart of Perth City. Sharing the Rosemount Hotel stage with international touring artists and being invited to take part in their first multi stage festival. As the band continued to hone their live show, they kept the ALD Army keen with drip release singles released via streaming platforms, along with music video releases for songs Chaos In Order and Dissent From Above released via their content heavy YouTube channel.

Momentum continued into 2021 unabated and As Light Decays, along with maintaining their ongoing live onslaught managed to lock down the time to record their first full length album ‘System Of Division’. With Simon Mitchell (Chaos Divine) behind the mixing board, this is the band in fine form. With relentless, pounding drums and riffs and similarly powerful lyrical themes, this is an album that deserves multiple listens.

As Light Decays - The Torrents Fall (Music Video)


1. Mordrake 2. Mercy Kill 3. The Blame Game 4. Chaos In Order 5. The Torrents Fall 6. Dissent from Above 7. Rasstrelny 8. Revolutions

Get your copy of the album here:

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