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Becoming - Interviewed On Local Smokeout!

What Do Members Of Anthrax, Exodus, Slayer, Testament, 5FDP, Soulfly, Sepultura, and Trivium Have In Common?

The all dig BECOMING 's " In The Name of God "!

BECOMING's album "In The Name of God" turns 1 year old on June 12th and to commemorate the occasion they had some of the Metal Elite check it out and the responses were epic!

Gary Holt (Exodus/Slayer), Charlie Benante (Anthrax), Eric Peterson (Testament), Max Cavalera (Soulfly/Sepultura), Matt Heafy (Trivium), Riki Rachtman (Headbangers Ball) and Chris Kael (5FDP) all unanimously loved BECOMING's "In The Name of God"!

Becoming - Interviewed On Local Smokeout ! Check it out below:

BECOMING also just did an excellent interview with Justin Smulison of RockOnTheRiseRadio looking back over the last year since the album's release and goes in depth with founding member and multi instrumentalist/vocalist Jason Hardouin.


Hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area music scene known for such metal acts as Metallica, Exodus, Testament, Death Angel, Forbidden and Machine Head; BECOMING delivers quality lyrical and musical content regardless of genre.

In a world filled with imitations, negativity, and gimmicks, BECOMING innovates to take you away from the everyday typical metal clichés to a place where you feel energized, uplifted, and empowered. BECOMING does not allow the listener to wallow in self pity or hold a victims mentality.

BECOMING is "Spiritual Metal to Awaken Your Soul". Tackling many of life's most difficult topics and shining a light into the darkness to help the listener self actualize and gain the needed perspectives and strength to make it through difficult times is what makes BECOMING a unique breath of fresh air for metal music.

Fueled by great songs, meaningful messages, pure unadulterated power, thoughtful instrumentation and grooves, BECOMING captivates the most diehard of heavy music fans and attracts new fans from all genres who are searching for something more to raise their consciousness, shatter illusions, and find the divinity within to help them on their journey through this life.

BECOMING is the next generation that can without a doubt carry the metal torch with dignity and respect into the future.

About the album "In The Name Of God":

This album was written, produced, engineered, and mixed by founding member Jason Hardouin and final mastering was done by the legendary Chris "Zeuss" Harris (also known for his groundbreaking work with Hatebreed, Rob Zombie, Demon Hunter, Shadows Fall, and Soulfly)

For the album artwork BECOMING worked with Melody Myers "DesignedByMelody" (known for her outstanding work with Combat records and many top level artists)

"In The Name of God" is an album that takes the listener away from all the metal cliches while empowering them and bringing hope during these turbulent times in a world that desperately needs an awakening.

"In The Name of God" transcends genre while truly innovating in all of the right ways. True to their bay area metal roots, but complete with tight hooks, bouncing grooves, and quality lyrical and musical content, BECOMING has created a timeless masterpiece with "In The Name of God". This album will earn it's place in your musical catalog and soul.


Album: In The Name of God

1. The Storm

2. Through The Now

3. In The Name of God

4. This

5. Alienation

6. Redemption

7. How We Livin'

8. Loyal

9. Powerlines

10. Wish

11. It's Fine

12. There Again

13. And So Then...

Check it out on any of the fine platforms below:

BECOMING on YouTubeMusic:

BECOMING on Spotify:

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BECOMING on AmazonMusic:

BECOMING on Tidal:

BECOMING on Deezer:

The band is currently accepting requests for interviews as well as features and additions for airplay, internet radio, and podcast inclusions.

Join BECOMING on all of their social sites below:

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