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BELLHEAD, Chicago’s rising Dark Post Punk duo, follow their critically acclaimed Unicorn Bones EP

BELLHEAD, Chicago’s rising Dark Post Punk duo, follow their critically acclaimed Unicorn Bones EP with a special release of the Bauhaus cover, “Sanity Assassin” exclusively on Bandcamp on October 12th, and collaborate with MCU Fx compositor on upcoming music video.

Amid the unprecedented year of shut downs, natural disasters, and political unrest, Bellhead has continued to entertain and grab the attention of the international music community with their debut EP, “Unicorn Bones” which was released this past July. 

Unicorn Bones was quickly seized upon by critics, and both the EP and the band saw reviews, articles and accolades from such media outlets like,The Deli Magazine (also featured September Band of the Month),  Divide and Conquer, Bass Magazine, Breathing the Core, Chicago Music Guide, Music Eternal (August Band of the Month) and Radio veteran, James VanOsdol’s Car Con Carne (WXRT, the Loop, Cumulus Media, WZZN radio). 

Songs from the Unicorn Bones EP have been in constant rotation on MMH Radio (UK), Hard Rock Hell Radio (UK), Lincoln City Radio (UK), Demo312 WKQX (Chicago), Deep Ellum Radio (Texas), and WXNA (Nashville).  The video for Unicorn Bones had over 1000 views in less than a month and a recent live streamed “quarantine” show performance in support of a local music venue in late September hit over 2000 viewers in less than 24 hours, showing that the demand for Bellhead wasn’t slowing down but instead just heating up. 

After the announcement of the Bauhaus tour last year, Bellhead reached out to their loyal fans to ask what song they should cover live as a tribute to one of the bands main influences at an upcoming high profile gig. Based on fan social media feedback, Bellhead took the suggestion to not only perform the track live, but then record, “Sanity Assassin”. The Bauhaus song was originally released as a non-album fan club release with only 325 copies ever pressed (the same amount as the physical release of this EP) , and it has gone on to be a deep cut favorite for Bauhaus fans. Filling out this EP is the Unicorn Bones album track, “Knife” along with a remix entitled “Knife (Beware the Light)”. To commemorate this release, the band has also joined up with for a merch line that includes shirts, socks, totes and mugs. 

Bellhead reunited with their faithful recording and mastering team of Neil Strauch (production/ technical assistance of Iron and Wine, Counting Crows, Owls, Joan of Arc, Walking Bicycles) and Carl Saff (production/ technical assistance on Acid Mothers Temple, Smoking Popes, Red Fang, Guided by Voices,) who have worked on all the previous releases for the band but this time they added a third member to their production team in visual effect compositor Scott Fedor in crafting an upcoming supplemental music video for the release on the 19th. Fedor’s impressive resume includes working on movies such as Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War, Captain America 2, Bloodshot, X-men: Apocalypse, and Stranger Things. 

Bellhead are a Post-Punk duo made up of two Chicago music scene veterans who have left their mark across the tattered music landscape. Consisting of High Bass/Lead Vocalist Ivan Russia, formerly of the infamous Ahab Rex, Mr. Russia, and Sheriff Scabs; partnering with Low Bass/Vocalist Karen Righeimer- who has been a member of bands such as Fashion Bomb, Team Cybergeist, W.O.R.M, and Bethany Thomas.

Bellhead’s releases are for download and streaming on all major platforms,





Scott Fedor’s work can be found at:

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