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Blackened Death/Doom Offensive 1914 Reveals Third Single, “FN .380 ACP#19074”

Blackened Death/Doom Offensive 1914 Reveals Third Single + Lyric Video

“FN .380 ACP#19074”| Watch HERE!

New Album, Where Fear and Weapons Meet, out this Friday, October 22, 2021| Pre-Order NOW!

[Photo Credit: May Lee]

Where Fear And Weapons Meet underlines the great ambitions of 1914!”

(Metal Hammer, GER)

"Cruel, terrifying and sorrowful as the war itself - 1914 raise their imposing WWI total

work of art to the next level."

(Sonic Seducer, GER)

1914 combine Black, Death and Doom Metal to an enormously multifaceted unity.”

(Legacy, GER)

“Faithful to their concept centered on the Great War, the Ukrainians unroll a beautifully crafted, evocative work, stuffed with tremolo leads and enhanced with orchestrations."

(Rock Hard, FR)

“With Where Fear And Weapons Meet1914 solidifies its position as a unique value in the metal scene, both musically and thematically.”

(Aardschok, NL)

“The Ukrainian masters return with a grimsome tale of war tragedy painted with a majestic blackened death/doom.”


"1914 portraits the horrors of war in such an empathetic and musically bombastic manner that it is impossible to remain untouched."

(Sweden Rock, SE)

“There’s so much to be excited about here… such a complete package, such a robust thing… we all need to appreciate and acknowledge.”

(Banger TV, CAN)

Ukrainian blackened death/doom metal visionaries 1914 continue to reflect the gruesome tales of World War I, its soldiers’ fate, their death, fear and feats to be never forgotten on their sinister third epos, Where Fear and Weapons Meet, out this Friday, October 22, 2021 via Napalm Records. After smashing their massive first treat “...And a Cross Now Marks His Place”, feat. none other than Paradise Lost icon Nick Holmes, followed by scorching “Pillars of Fire (The Battle of Messines)”, the Ukrainian WWI experts now reveal the secret of their third single “FN .380 ACP#19074”, alongside a thrilling lyric video.

The track breaks in with a majestic yet intimidating orchestra, heavy guitar lines, thunderous black metal drumming like a blaze of gunfire and raw vocal power. It reflects the assassination of Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife 1914 in Sarajevo, an event that caused the outbreak of World War I.

Ditmar Kumarberg comments:

“This track marks the beginning of the entire conflict - the assassination of Franz Ferdinand - the event that triggered the conflict that had been brewing for the last 10 years. The royal houses of Europe wanted this war, it was inevitable - technical progress, territorial claims and dissatisfaction of people led to this. And so, the Yugoslav nationalist Gavrilo Princip fired the shots that launched the process. Two shots from a .380 ACP FN Model 1910 pistol numbered 19074, which changed the world forever, collapsed large empires and killed tens of millions of people.”

Watch the video for “FN .380 ACP#19074” HERE:

1914 break into their third offering with the intro “War In”, summed up by final “War Out”, and immediately build a common thread to the previous records. “War In” is the original of the most famous Serbian song of the Great War period, “Tamo Daleko”. Like World War I, the album begins in Serbia and continues on the first track from the prospective of Gavrilo Princip, who assassinated Franz Ferdinand and his wife on June 28, 1914.

What happens next is an intense, in-depth analysis of historical events. For example – Battle of Vimy Ridge, shameful pages of the British Empire history in the track “Coward” featuring Sasha Boole (Me And That Man), The Battle of Messines on “Pillars of Fire” or the infantry regiment, the Harlem Hellfighters, on “Don’t Tread On Me”. Authentic forces like ambient sonic war samplings transport these stories even further into the present and make Where Fear and Weapons Meet another heavily intense and deep-reaching output that will grant 1914 even higher appreciation than the five-piece is already credited with.

1914 on the album:

Where Fear and Weapons Meet continues the theme we started on The Blind Leading the Blind - with one major difference: these are the stories about hope where most of our characters are staying alive, becoming heroes, and returning back to their homes. Yes, it is still about fear, death, and senselessness of war, but the hope is the only thing the soldier holds on to. And a good portion of luck as well. Even the album cover reflects this - the man lays wounded, bleeding in the trench, reaching his hand to Death begging for relieve, and Death declines to take him. He deserves to live.

The album starts with the assassination in Sarajevo, leads you through the bloodiest moments of the Great War, and ends up with the monologue on a grave of a young man killed in his first battle. This time we did have even more hard digging into the historical background while making the tracks. We are not singing the songs, we are telling the stories!”

Pre-Order Where Fear and Weapons Meet HERE:

1914’s eleven new tracks of pure historic harshness follow up to the band’s sophomore full-length, The Blind Leading the Blind (2018), and debut, Eschatology of War (2015), both highly acclaimed amongst critics, and create a sophisticated variety of massively brutal blackened death metal accented by dramatic and realistic audio soundscapes and disquieting melodies spiced with the approach of sludge and doom!

Where Fear and Weapons Meet track listing:

1. War In

2. FN .380 ACP#19074

3. Vimy Ridge (In Memory of Filip Konowal)

4. Pillars of Fire (The Battle of Messines)

5. Don't Tread on Me (Harlem Hellfighters)

6. Coward (feat. Sasha Boole)

7. ...And a Cross Now Marks His Place (feat. Nick Holmes)

8. Corps d'autos-canons-mitrailleuses (A.C.M)

9. Mit Gott für König und Vaterland

10. The Green Fields of France

11. War Out

Where Fear and Weapons Meet will be available in the following formats:

- 1-CD Digipack

- 2-LP Gatefold BLACK incl. 12” booklet

- 2-LP Gatefold DARK GREEN incl. 12” booklet (limited to 400 copies worldwide)

- 3-LP Gatefold MARBLED RED TRANSPARENT/BLACK - (2- LP Album incl. 12” booklet + 12" bonus LP + poster + patch - limited to 400 copies worldwide) - SOLD OUT!

- Digital Album

[2-LP Gatefold DARK GREEN incl. 12” booklet (limited to 400 copies worldwide)]

1914 live:

Dive headfirst into WWI and experience 1914 live with bands like Konvent, (0), Livløs, Hiraes and Dwaal in 2022!

13.03.22 AT – Vienna / Viper Room

14.03.22 SK – Kosice / Collosseum

15.03.22 HU – Budapest / Blue Hell

18.03.22 IT – Venice / Revolver Music Hall

19.03.22 IT – Rome / Traffic Club

20.03.22 IT – Milan / Legend Club

22.03.22 FR – Toulouse / Le Rex

23.03.22 ES – Bilbao / Azkena

24.03.22 ES – A Coruña / Mardi Gras

25.03.22 PT – Porto / Metalpoint Club

26.03.22 PT – Lisbon / Side B Rocks

27.03.22 ES – Madrid / Wurlitzer

29.03.22 ES – Zaragoza / Sala López

30.03.22 ES – Barcelona / Razzmatazz 3

31.03.22 FR – Lyon / Rock n Eat

01.04.22 CH – Martigny / Sunset Bar

02.04.22 CH – Basel / Sommercasino

03.04.22 AT – Salzburg / Rockhouse Bar

06.04.22 DE – Trier / Mergener Hof

07.04.22 DE – Erfurt / From Hell

08.04.22 DK – Odense / Posten

09.04.22 DK – Copenhagen / Amager Bio

10.04.22 DK – Aalborg / Studenterhuset

12.04.22 SE – Stockholm / Hus 7

13.04.22 SE – Gothenburg / Valand

14.04.22 NO – Oslo / Inferno Metal Festival

15.04.22 DK – Kolding / Godset

16.04.22 DE – Hanover / Béi Chéz Heinz

17.04.22 DE – Munich / Backstage Halle (Dark Easter Metal Meeting)

18.04.22 FR – Colmar / Grillen

19.04.22 FR – Paris / Gibus

20.04.22 DE – Frankfurt / Nachtleben

21.04.22 DE – Bruchsal / Fabrik

22.04.22 DE – Lichtenfels / Ragnarök Festival

23.04.22 DE – Dortmund / Junkyard Tombstone Fest

24.04.22 NL – Eindhoven / Dynamo

28.04.22 UK – Plymouth / Underground

29.04.22 UK – Cardiff / Fuel

30.04.22 UK – Bridgwater / Southwest Heavyfest

01.05.22 UK – Birmingham / The Castle & Falcon

02.05.22 UK – London / Black Heart

03.05.22 UK – Stoke / Underground

04.05.22 UK – Manchester / Satans Hollow

05.05.22 UK – Glasgow / Audio

06.05.22 UK – Nottingham / Ye Old Salutation

07.05.22 UK – Leeds / Boom

11.05.22 BE – Bilzen / South of Heaven

12.05.22 DE – Osnabrück / Bastard Club

13.05.22 DK – Aarhus / Voxhall

14.05.22 NL – Erica / Pitfest

16.05.22 DE – Berlin / Nuke Club

17.05.22 DE – Dresden / Beatpol

18.05.22 DE – Munich / Backstage Club

19.05.22 CZ – Prague / Modra Voice

20.05.22 CZ – Ostrava / Barrak

21.05.22 CZ – Brno / Melodka

22.05.22 PL – Warszawa / Hydrozagadka

1914 is:

9. Westpreußisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 176, Hptm. Ditmar Kumarberg - vocals

The 51st Highland Division, 1/9th Bn. 2Lt. Liam Fessen - guitar

307th Infantry Regiment, Capt. Walter Wyhovsky - guitar

Le 151e regiment d'infanterie, Cne. Armin d'Harcourt - bass

K.K. Landwehr-Infanterieregiment Lemberg Nr.19, Obltn. Rostislaw Potoplacht - drums

1914 online:

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