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Devastated BLACKLIST UNION front-man TONY WEST has announced that, in tribute to the tragic death of iconic New York Hardcore guitar legend and former bandmate TODD YOUTH, that the band will be offering a limited free download of Back To Momo through the remainder of 2018. The close friends, described as "...two controversial characters. Rock n roll to the bone With huge hearts and both very misunderstood," co-wrote the explosive 2015 LP that was applauded by both long term fans and music critics alike. 

 "I just lost one of my best friends . we wrote this amazing record together. I want to make sure people hear it. Todd had a fire in his soul for rock ‘n’ roll . I’m going to miss you so much. I love you very much Todd . See you on the other side my friend . R.I.P. " - TONY WEST

"Back to Momo is an album chock full of adrenaline, heart, and grit. Blacklist Union’s fourth studio album is a combination of all that is right with music. It has the feel of alternative, punk, and classic metal and something new altogether. Tony West and Todd Youth have truly written a masterpiece that should go down with some of the greatest alternative albums in history." - Ted Darden - RockRevolt Magazine

Track List:   

1. Intro

2. Alive-N-Well Smack in the Middle of Hell   

3. Shake It Off   

4. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall   

5. Evil Eye   

6. Super Jaded   

7. Rock N Roll Outlaw   

8. Back to Momo   

9. We Are Not Saints   

10. It’s All About You   

11. Meet Me on Zen Street   

12. Graveyard Valentine   1

3. Wined, Dined, & 69’d   

14. Read Between the Lines

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