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BLOODSPORT (80s Metal Homage To Jean Claude Van Damme) Release Cassette Edition of EP Lethal Tender

BLOODSPORT (80s Metal Homage To Jean Claude Van Damme) Release Cassette Edition of EP "Lethal Tender"

L-R - Dragos B. – Guitar, Jan Loncik – Vocals + Drums & Bass (studio), Joey Kolsteren – Lead Guitar

What do you get when you combine Jean Claude Van Damme with classic 80’s metal? You get Bloodsport, a heavy metal tribute to the one and only Belgian martial artist/actor. Their first Ep “Kumite Attack” was released in 2018 and the year’s “Lethal Tender” is a cut above with tighter drumming, tighter riffing, better vocals, and A+ production! Fans of true heavy metal are digging right into it!

All Bloodsport lyrics and themes revolve around Jean-Claude Van Damme's movies in the late 80s and early 90s, specifically focused on his martial arts films. “Lethal Tender” is inspired by Van Damme’s movie Lionheart, for those who haven’t seen it, you’re in for a wild ride! Bloodsport explains the track further:

“We were really wanting to continue with the Bloodsport movie theme because it’s such a hit movie for cult cinema, not to mention it’s Van Damme’s best in terms of action and authenticity! Alas, we decided not to focus too much on one film, as he has close to a dozen good martial arts films from that era, all of them totally awesome in their own way. We feel like our music acts as a second soundtrack to the films! They are completely and respectfully dedicated to the glory of those films.”

Bloodsport prides itself on tons of riffs, complex song structures, and very little repetition; they are highly recommended for fans of early Running Wild, Helloween, and Exciter.

“Lethal Tender” was released on March 12, 2021 viaNightstrike Records and is available as a limited edition cassette and CD along with a digital download at the following link:

Track Listing:

1. Lethal Tender (7:53)

2. Lion's Den (5:06)

EP artwork was hand-painted by Constance Knight.

More Info:


Formed in early 2018 in Vancouver, Bloodsport is a band not only created to pay tribute to Jean-Claude Van Damme and all the exhilarating films he’s put out, but also to redefine the best aspects of 80s heavy metal and speed metal – the music many of us grew up with! Chock-full of fast riffing, crazy solos, pounding drums and, featuring Jan Loncik – one of the best metal vocalists in Canada – the trio can do no wrong! Bloodsport truly takes it to the next level, incorporating the odd time signature and unconventional song structure to their lengthy, riff-laden tunes. Welcome to the Kumite!

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