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BLOODY HAMMERS Releases Retro Sci-Fi Music Video for Eerie New Track "Not Of This Earth"

BLOODY HAMMERS Releases Retro Sci-Fi Music Video for Eerie New Track "Not Of This Earth" | Watch HERE

New Album, Songs Of Unspeakable Terror, out this Friday via Napalm Records | Pre-Order HERE

[Photo Courtesy of Bloody Hammers]

Prior to the holiday season, horror-occult-goth metal/rock fusers BLOODY HAMMERS unleashed two grisly, metallic new tracks to the masses' delight - the macabre punk earworm “A Night To Dismember” and swinging, gritty anthem "Hands Of The Ripper". Now, theTransylvania County, North Carolina-based husband and wife duo have released a third single and video on the eve of the release of their new horror punk-inspired full-length album, Songs Of Unspeakable Terror!

Conjuring images of retro sci-fi horror, the video for the sultry, doom metal-inspired track, entitled "Not Of This Earth", compliments the words of the song's extra-terrestrial crooner. Hungry for blood to revitalize his dying planet – he’s not of this earth!

Frontman/multi-instrumentalist Anders Manga says about the track:

"Devallia and I knocked out this video a couple weeks ago in our little cabin basement. The current health crisis has kept us home but the green screen can take us (crudely) anywhere and BEYOND! Lyrically, this song is a straight tribute to Roger Corman's 1957 drive-in sci-fi/horror classic. As much as I think we're inspired by Hammer Films and classic European gothic horror, really, Corrman is just as important and certainly an American treasure."

Watch the out of this world official music video for “Not Of This Earth” HERE

BLOODY HAMMERS has never sounded so lively and vibrant before, while the dark touch from the past is intact and fits the genre like a glove, Misfits-inspired horror rock included!”

- Jonas Wettmark, Sweden Rock Magazine

"Songs Of Unspeakable Terror is a scary night journey through the lands of classic horror punk with the unmistakable personality of BLOODY HAMMERS."

- Matteo Di Leo, RockHard Italy

"No two BLOODY HAMMERS albums sound the same, and the band feel no obligation to adhere to any attitude or atmosphere — they’re just drawn to the dark on their own time."

- Chris Krovatin, The Pit

Pre-Order Songs Of Unspeakable Terror HERE

At the start of 2020, Anders Manga was about to head out on tour for his darkwave side-project when COVID-19 hit. Soon locked in their house under local stay-at-home orders, Manga and his bride and bandmate, Devallia, spent time jamming in their basement and revisiting some of their classic punk favorites. Holed up and barred from the uncertainty of the world, BLOODY HAMMERS conjured 11 new raw-power tracks inspired by that sound, and now they’re unearthed… from the grave!

While Songs of Unspeakable Terror doesn’t stray too dangerously far from the sound listeners have grown to infectiously adore, the full-length explores yet uncharted territory: retro-ized horror punk in all its gritty glory. This beastly record shouldn’t be confused as an all new direction for the band – these songs are a temporary foray into the unknown while still remaining true to the BLOODY HAMMERS sonic trademark.

Kicking off with first single and album opener “A Night To Dismember”, the album careens the listener down a dark, winding auditory road of melodic punk (in a jet-black classic car, of course). Trudging, metallic terrors like “Hands Of The Ripper” and “Witchfinder General” ensnare the listener, while seductive, unrelentingly heavy tracks such as “Not Of This Earth” will have them screaming for more, and head-bobbers like “The Ones Who Own The Dark” prove this offering isn’t short on melody. Laced with spine-tingling vocal lines, bathed in an occult cocktail of granular guitars and accented by a peppering of vintage Mellotron, each track on Songs Of Unspeakable Terror is a bonafide horror punk pillar.

Anders Manga says about the album:

“When the pandemic hit and I realized I’d be stuck at home for a while, I started thinking I needed to dig into a music project. I was oddly inspired by the unknown, and fear that this plague was gonna wipe us all out. I needed a creative escape. We’d just released the BLOODY HAMMERS album, ‘The Summoning’ a few months earlier, so I didn’t think about doing another Hammers album at all. When COVID was really hitting NYC hard, that got me thinking about my favorite bands from that whole NY/NJ area… Misfits, Wendy O. Williams, Ramones, Dead Boys, The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black, Twisted Sister and such. That’s where I found inspiration to do a horror punk-ish record.”

Songs Of Unspeakable Terror tracklisting:

1) A Night To Dismember

2) Hands Of The Ripper

3) Witchfinder General

4) Not Of This Earth

5) The Ones Who Own The Dark

6) Waking The Dead

7) Night Of The Witch

8) We Are The Damned

9) The Brain That Wouldn't Die

10) Lucifer's Light

11) I Spit On Your Corpse

Fans of BLOODY HAMMERS and heavy music fans new to the band alike will enjoy this unique offering, available in digital, CD jewelcase and multiple vinyl variations!

Songs Of Unspeakable Terror will be available in the following formats:

- CD Jewelcase

- LP Gatefold Black

- LP Gatefold Red/Black Split-Splatter (limited to 100, European Napalm Mailorder Only)

- Deluxe Vinyl Edition: LP Gatefold Red + 2 Patches - (limited to 100, North American Napalm Mailorder Only)

- Digital Album

Deluxe Vinyl Edition: LP Gatefold Red + 2 Patches (limited to 100, North American Napalm Mailorder Only)

BLOODY HAMMERS is (on Songs Of Unspeakable Terror):

Anders Manga: Vocals, Guitar, Mellotron, Drums

Devallia: Bass


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