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BOMBER ALLEY Releases New Cover of Def Leppard’s “Lady Strange"

"Lady Strange" buy/download/stream link:

WATCH "Lady Strange" Official Lyric Video:

Bomber Alley is following up from their well received sleezy hard rock tune “We Get By” with an amazingly slick cover version of Def Leppard’s classic song “Lady Strange”. The song was produced by Dee Snider’s solo band drummer & producer, Nicky Bellmore at Dexters Lab Recording in Milford, CT, (recording home for Hatebreed, Jasta, Dee Snider, Dead By Wednesday & many more!). It will once again be released on the newly formed label Mindsnap Music / Von Artists, Ltd. via The Orchard. Available to stream and download digitally world wide everywhere today!

Bomber Alley’s version of “Lady Strange” will also be licensed and put out on an official Def Leppard tribute album coming out soon on FnA Records.

Here’s what Russell Pzütto, bassist of Dee Snider’s solo band had to say about playing on this track…. “Bomber Alley definitely delivered for their rendition of “Lady Strange “an old favorite of mine ! It was my pleasure to throw down bass tracks and add the bottom end to the song!”

“Bomber Alley’s all about that old-school vibe, and this Lady Strange cover is a testament to that! Shredding through a modern take on such a nostalgic sound and style with these dudes is a total blast!” adds Nick Petrino - Guitarist (Dee Snider band).

BOMBER ALLEY, reminiscing the early Gn’R era sound & attitude, is lead by long time LA sleeze rocker and well known drum tech, Talon Blaque, who stated, “I’m super stoked on the music we are writing & creating & also excited of what the future holds for Bomber Alley. Working with Opus of Dead By Wednesday‘s new label venture Mindsnap Music / Von Artists, Ltd. finally feels like we have a solid home for our awesome music that will actually get out there. They will take the time to nurture us & understand music unlike many other hit & run labels out there only looking for a quick buck. Tons of cool things to come including some tour dates TBA as well so please stay tuned!!”

Stay tuned for a follow up Bomber Alley tune and EP in early 2022 coming out on Mindsnap Music / Von Artists, Ltd. via The Orchard!

Check out Dee Snider's shout out for Bomber Alley below!

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