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Brundarkh - Wraith Dominion - (Symphonic Blackened Death Metal)

Brundarkh - Wraith Dominion (Symphonic Blackened Death)

Brundarkh is a dark-fantasy music project by Heino Brand and based in South Africa. The aim of the project is to create music set to stories of a darker nature. "Wraith Dominion" is the first single off a future EP and deals with the more familiar story of the Nine - the Nazgul - from J.R.R. Tolkien's, "The Lord of the Rings".

Released February 22, 2021

Check out the single on Spotify and add it to your playlists!

Music by Heino Brand with additional music by Caleb Bingham

Mixed & mastered by Caleb Bingham at Nightmare Sound -

Heino Brand - Guitars, harsh vocals & arrangements

Caleb Bingham - Drums, bass & clean vocals

Jori Haukio - Guest solo

Cover art by Heino Brand (Brandmerkk) -

Follow the band at these links:

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